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Life getting better at Beijing detention houses

[2013-05-08 11:52]

Beijing is working to improve living conditions at its detention houses, Beijing Morning Post reported Wednesday.

Students from China and UK share views

[2013-05-08 11:43]

Sixteen college students delegates from China and the UK shared their opinions on international education and internationalization at the 2013 UK-China Student Forum in Peking University on Tuesday.

Wuxu airport can issue arrival visas

[2013-05-08 11:40]

The visa office of Nanning Wuxu airport's public security department in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region started issuing arrival visas from May 6 after approval from the State Council.

Foster family program for homeless children

[2013-05-07 14:29]

Families in Guangzhou may serve as foster parents for homeless children if they qualify, Guangzhou Daily reported Tuesday.

Beijing starts fines for jaywalking

[2013-05-06 14:53]

Traffic police have started getting serious about charging fines for jaywalkers in Beijing since Monday, after an almost one-month "buffer zone", Beijing Times reported.

Mass vaccinations for quake-hit areas

[2013-05-06 14:22]

Residents in quake-affected areas in Sichuan province including Lushan and Baoxing counties will receive hepatitis A and MMR vaccination beginning Monday.

Dairy industry moves to rebrand amid crisis

[2013-05-04 20:33]

China's dairy industry is attempting to rebrand itself due to plummeting consumer confidence and competition from foreign brands.

1 killed, 4 injured in E. China lab blast

[2013-05-01 13:58]

One man was killed and four others injured in an explosion at Nanjing University of Science and Technology at around 9 am on Tuesday, reported.

Single women in Shanghai outnumber men 4:1

[2013-04-19 11:27]

The number of single women in Shanghai is four times their male counterparts, according to a survey by the Shanghai Matchmaking Industry Association.

Tourist sites become pricey before holiday

[2013-04-17 14:12]

Many tourist sites are raising the price of admission before the upcoming Labor Day holiday in May, Beijing Times reported.

Taxi drivers' incomes protected after price hike

[2013-04-17 11:31]

Authorities have assured taxi drivers Tuesday that the increased income will all go into their pockets.

Henan high school drops ban on romance

[2013-04-17 11:24]

A high school in Henan province has scrapped measures to prevent romantic relationships between students.