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Lab set up for digital studies of the ocean

[2012-09-05 15:29]

The National Key Laboratory of the Digital Ocean, under the State Oceanic Administration, was established on Wednesday in Tianjin to build a national digital platform for marine studies and policy making.

China has 12.6 million migrant children

[2012-09-04 17:18]

More than 12 million school-age children of migrant workers live with their parents who work outside their hometowns, Beijing News reported.

Ningbo port intercepts contaminated metal

[2012-09-04 16:48]

The coastal city of Ningbo has intercepted 9.26 tons of scrap metal that was contaminated with radioactive material in Japan's nuclear crisis last year.

Chinese gymnast gets gold from netizens

[2012-09-04 16:37]

China's "Lord of the Rings" Chen Yibing got a gold medal on Monday from netizens who pooled their money online to buy the gold for Chen after his surprise defeat in the men's rings competition in the London Olympic Games, reported Beijing Morning Post.

Woman fined for using cell phone during landing

[2012-09-04 15:46]

A woman was fined 100 yuan ($15.70) for insisting on using her cell phone when a plane she was on was landing on Sunday, according to a local media report.

Peking University sex scandal 'exaggerated'

[2012-08-31 11:21]

A former Peking University professor who alleged his colleagues sexually harassed restaurant waitresses has admitted he exaggerated the claims.

Official rumored to have committed suicide appears

[2012-08-30 18:43]

Zhang Guangning, former Party chief of Guangzhou, crushed an Internet rumor that he had committed suicide by participating in a judicial work conference in the capital of Guangdong province on Aug 30

Tower to dominate Beijing skyline by 2016

[2012-08-30 14:32]

China Zun, a 528-meter building, will dwarf all the other buildings in the central business district in Beijing upon its completion.

Xiamen criticized for 'gender discrimination'

[2012-08-29 17:01]

An NGO leader criticized Xiamen Administration of Civil Service on Wednesday for discriminating against applicants based on gender in the city's civil service exam, according to Legal Daily.

S China city to ban begging in public

[2012-08-29 14:41]

Beggars would not be allowed to loiter in public places in Foshan, in South China, according to a new rule aimed at improving the look of the city, Yangtze Evening News reported Tuesday.

No evidence found in Peking U rape allegation

[2012-08-28 16:45]

Peking University said on Tuesday it had found no evidence to prove a former professor's allegation that some deans had raped restaurant waitresses.

Former official allegedly fled country with $31m

[2012-08-28 15:31]

The former Party secretary of Fengcheng city in Northeast China's Liaoning province has allegedly fled the country with 200 million yuan ($31.45 million) in April or May, the website of the People's Daily reported on Monday.