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Policeman owning 192 houses sacked

[2013-02-06 03:59]

Authorities in south China's Guangdong Province on Tuesday sacked a senior policeman who allegedly owns 192 houses and has double national identity cards.

Beijing may ban fireworks to cut pollution

[2013-02-04 16:21]

Setting off fireworks may be banned in case of serious air pollution in Beijing during the coming Spring Festival holiday, China National Radio reported on Monday.

Traffic police ask to wear face masks

[2013-01-31 00:41]

Traffic police in China's smog-covered cities are waiting for authorities to cut the red tape that bars them from wearing protective face masks while on duty.

Less is more at annual meets

[2013-01-30 23:47]

Fewer staff, shorter speeches, modest dinners and less printing ― meetings of local legislators and political advisers across China are getting slimmer, simpler and greener.

Netizens demand cleaner sky

[2013-01-30 23:24]

More measures to clean up the air are being considered by municipal departments of Chinese cities after netizens began to point the finger at the government over heavy smog.

7 detained for 'house sister' scandal

[2013-01-30 23:16]

Seven people have been detained after being implicated in the scandal of the "house sister," a woman alleged to have illegally amassed 20 homes.

Couple divorces over Spring Festival dispute

[2013-01-25 22:10]

A newlywed couple got a divorce because they couldn't settle a dispute about where to spend the Spring Festival, the 21st Century Business Herald reported.

China's mobile phone users reach 1.11 billion

[2013-01-25 04:11]

The number of Chinese mobile phone users reached 1.11 billion as of the end of 2012, according to official data unveiled Thursday.

120,000 demobilized armymen find jobs since 2001

[2013-01-23 02:53]

About 120,000 demobilized army officers have succeeded in finding jobs by themselves since the option was made available in 2001, according to statistics released by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MHRSS) on Tuesday.

Company agrees to worker demands

[2013-01-23 02:24]

Executives of a Japanese company made basic concessions to the demands of their labor force on Tuesday, after outraged workers trapped management staff, including 10 Japanese, in their offices.

Middle-class Chinese snap up overseas luxury

[2013-01-23 00:01]

An increasing number of middle-class Chinese are buying luxury goods outside the Chinese mainland, with more overseas travel driving the trend, a KPMG report said on Tuesday.

Planes briefly lost due to wireless interference

[2013-01-22 11:07]

Since December, several planes lost their radar signal while flying above Dangyang city, Hubei province, due to the use of illegal wireless devices on the ground.