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China Int'l Cartoon & Animation Festival opens

[2012-04-28 19:02]

Hangzhou's Baimahu Ecological & Creative Town is humming with throngs of fans this weekend for the 8th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival (CICAF), April 28 to May 3.

Micro-blog 'rumor' cancels student results

[2012-04-28 11:29]

The test results of four students were canceled as they were assumed to have spread rumors on micro blogs declaring disorder in the exam room in South China's Guangdong province, China Youth Daily reported on Saturday.

Buddhist forum ends with vow to promote harmony

[2012-04-27 22:13]

China is fully committed to the freedom of religious beliefs, and it values the positive role played by all religions, a senior official said.

Death sentence with reprieve for fatal beating

[2012-04-27 22:01]

Three suspects were sentenced on April 27 on charges of intentional injury causing the death of a policeman in Dalian, Liaoning province.

Bosch continues to turn in steady investment

[2012-04-27 21:59]

German technology and services provider Bosch Group said it will maintain annual investment of three to four billion yuan ($475 million to $635 billion) until 2015 to support sustainable growth in China.

German 'solutions' to help China recycle waste

[2012-04-27 21:36]

Alba Group, the world's largest exporter of scrap metals to China, may offer "comprehensive solutions" to China to help the country's recycling industry get greener.

Smartphone app offers real-time traffic info

[2012-04-27 16:35]

A new application for smartphones gives citizens in Beijing free access to useful traffic information was released on Thursday, Beijing Daily reported.

Noodle mobsters smashed by police

[2012-04-27 15:55]

A criminal gang who controlled the supply chain of a famous snack chain store using violence and intimidation has been smashed by police.

Air Products sets up Xi'an office

[2012-04-27 15:13]

Air Products Inc, a leading provider of industrial, atmospheric, process and specialty gases; performance materials; equipment; and technology, has set up an office in Xi'an。

312 arrested in Guandong special operation

[2012-04-26 21:51]

Guangdong police have detained 312 people suspected of infringing the personal data of local residents.

China to boost number of social workers

[2012-04-26 21:43]

China plans to strengthen its army of social workers by creating 1.45 million jobs by the end of 2020.

Foreign students record change in China

[2012-04-26 21:27]

The awards gala for the first photography and composition competition among foreign students and faculty in China was held at the Beijing Foreign Studies University on April 26.