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Parasitic worm found in Chinese woman’s brain

[2011-07-06 13:55]

Removing a parasitic worm from someone’s brain sounds like a scene from a movie, but it happened in reality in China’s Jiangsu province.

20,000 students in summer internship program

[2011-07-06 11:23]

More than 20,000 college students are part of an internship program offered by Chongqing Municipal Government this summer, China Youth Daily reported Wednesday.

Man captured after supermarket blast

[2011-07-05 11:08]

A man who detonated remote-controlled explosives in a supermarket locker has been arrested by police, reported.

The spirit of Shenzhen

[2011-07-05 09:01]

For some reason, Shenzhen seems to have a bad reputation. Most people envision a maze of factories, constantly churning out the cheap goods we all know and love. As the mother ship of "Made in China", Shenzhen is hard for people to imagine as a livable city.

Actress' gay slurs spark uproar

[2011-07-04 17:56]

A well-known Chinese actress forwarded an anti-gay article, written by a priest, on her micro blog on June 26, sparking an Internet uproar. Meanwhile, two days ago, New York has approved gay marriage in the US state.

Plan to rebuild Di'anmen canceled

[2011-07-04 10:54]

A plan announced by Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage to rebuild Di'anmen, a missing gate on the capital's central axis, has been cancelled as it may disrupt traffic.

My Shanghai visit

[2011-07-02 10:14]

I am from a small city in Canada, on the Atlantic ocean, where the population density is only 67 people for every square kilometer.

Shanghai won't change family planning policy

[2011-06-30 11:09]

Authorities in Shanghai have refused to relax the city's strict family planning policy despite calls to allow all couples the right to have a second child, the Oriental Morning Post reported.

China paradise for vegetarian

[2011-06-30 09:17]

I feel in China you can maintain your business as well as healthy life also just with your confidence and power of language. I am sure with this you will be saying "I am Loving It".

300,000-yuan reward to help capture gunman

[2011-06-29 09:48]

A 300,000-yuan ($46,000) reward has been offered to help capture a gunman who shot a man in Changsha, the capital of Central China's Hunan province, the Beijing News reported Wednesday.

Pakistan woos China for anti-terror cooperation

[2011-06-28 21:04]

During an exclusive interview with on Tuesday, former prime minister of Pakistan Shaukat Aziz said terrorism-controlling activities need to be re-examined and Pakistan can learn from China.

Official apology for doctored photo

[2011-06-28 11:21]

Government of Huili county, Southwest China's Sichuan province apologized for posing a doctored picture of its officials on Monday, Xinhua News Agency reported.