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Red Cross pours 18.7b yuan into Sichuan

[2011-05-06 16:46]

The Red Cross Society of China has transferred 18.7 billion yuan ($2.8 billion) of relief funds and supplies to Southwest China's Sichuan province which was hit by a magnitude 8.0 earthquake in 2008.

Sotheby's to auction 343 Chinese art pieces

[2011-05-06 11:26]

A total of 343 fine Chinese ceramics and art works, including an 800-year old vase and a Dragon seal used by Emperor Jiaqing (1796-1820), will go on auction on Wednesday at Sotheby's first London sales of 2011.

A weekend at the Ming Tombs

[2011-05-06 09:15]

On my first visit to China in 1997, and wishing to thoroughly explore the famous and ancient Ming Tombs, I arranged to spend the weekend in that area.

Officials in Chongqing become part-time farmers

[2011-05-05 11:20]

Officials in Nan'an district, Chongqing, are being required to farm for one month every year and the farmwork will be one part of their yearly performance evaluation.

China's richest village flies to new heights

[2011-05-05 11:13]

China's wealthiest village is looking to reach new heights once again by training 100 pilots for its new air tourism project, the Yangtze Evening News reported Thursday.

Expert: AIDS-like disease is not just phobia

[2011-05-04 17:10]

An outspoken health expert, known for exposing the SARS cover-up in 2003, claims a mysterious infectious condition dubbed "negative AIDS" is more than a mental health problem, citing an independent study he led.

Special: 90th anniversary of CPC

[2011-05-04 16:49]

90th anniversary of CPC

My China story: A tennis match

[2011-05-04 09:53]

I like tennis, I think I like to think that I can play tennis pretty well, well its ok - neither good nor bad. In fact I have played since the age of eight but this means nothing really I'm still not that good.

US makes progress to win back trust on debt: Geithner

[2011-05-04 09:21]

US treasury secretary Timothy Geithner said the US is making progress in winning back the trust in its ability to manage its debt.

US to push China for financial reforms

[2011-05-04 07:03]

The United States will attempt to push China to further its financial reforms and open up its capital market to foreign firms in the coming 3rd Strategic and Economic Dialogue scheduled for next Monday and Tuesday.

Marine surveillance reports 2010 figures

[2011-05-03 11:24]

Chinese territorial waters were entered 1,303 times by foreign ships and 214 times by foreign airplanes in 2010, according to the State Oceanic Administration, the Beijing Times reported Tuesday.

Reached my dream land

[2011-05-03 06:29]

I always had a wish to see for myself and learn who Chinese are, but never really thought I would make it until September 2008.