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Online food sales added to safety watch list

[2013-02-25 14:44]

Food purchased online will be monitored with special attention given to milk powder and infant products, Beijing Times reported on Feb 24.

Frugality campaign improves operation of eateries

[2013-02-23 03:08]

The campaign to reduce extravagance will spur upscale restaurants to eliminate waste, and refocus them on the mass-market, according to an expert.

Provinces urged to buy insurance

[2013-02-22 01:38]

The Ministry of Health urged provinces to buy commercial insurance for rural residents to lower the financial burden caused by medical treatment.
98% rural population covered by medical insurance

Labor shortage worsens as migrants stay home

[2013-02-19 00:17]

Inland provinces are holding job fairs to attract migrant workers home to work, leading enterprises in coastal manufacturing hubs to fear increasingly serious labor shortages.

Trust among Chinese 'drops to record low'

[2013-02-18 01:42]

Trust among Chinese dipped to a record low with less than half of respondents to a survey feeling that "most people can be trusted" while 30% trusted strangers.

Fog disrupts travelers' return

[2013-02-18 01:38]

Smog blanketed Beijing and parts of northern China on Sunday, disrupting many passengers' plans of returning to work after the Spring Festival holiday.

Workers bemoan back to work blues

[2013-02-18 01:38]

The holiday mood of Chinese New Year continued to linger in some government departments two days after the annual holiday ended, with some civil servants continuing to be off duty or in no mood for work.

Hongbao places financial burden on New Year celebrations

[2013-02-18 01:37]

Hongbao, which is supposed to add happiness and festive flavor to the holiday, has placed a heavy burden on Pu and his peers.

Young, wealthy store their problems away

[2013-02-15 00:34]

What is on your must-buy-luxury shopping list? Handbags, jewelry, watches? These days, extra space - a luxury not found in most apartments - through self storage is the new chic.

Lonely hearts forced to date on Valentine's Day

[2013-02-15 00:13]

Valentine's Day is a particularly embarrassing time for men and women who are looking for love in China, where it's considered shameful to remain single after 30.

Holiday sees generation gap for homecoming Chinese

[2013-02-13 00:02]

Although she bagged a hard-earned train ticket home for the Spring Festival's annual family reunion, migrant worker Tu Jiani estimates she managed to spend less than 24 hours chit-chatting with her close relatives during her four-day-vacation.

Family feast gives festive feeling

[2013-02-06 23:59]

Sharing a meal with family on Lunar New Year's Eve is the best way for Chinese people to get into the festive spirit. Celine Dion to shine on night of stars