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Minister apologizes for state of environment

[2011-11-10 11:11]

Pan Yue, vice-minister of Ministry of Environmental Protection, took personal responsibility for the deterioration of the environment Tuesday, as he repeatedly apologized while talking to students at a photography exhibit in Beijing, Beijing Morning Post reported.

Wasps kill student in South China

[2011-11-09 10:38]

Sixteen students were attacked by a swarm of wasps on Tuesday, in Fenghuang township, South China's Guangxi province, reported.

Musician Gao Xiaosong released from jail

[2011-11-08 17:59]

China's Got Talent judge Gao Xiaosong has been released from jail after serving 184 days for a drunken crash that caused a four vehicle pile-up.

BOC loan program helps small production firms

[2011-11-07 16:34]

Ying Shi Tong Bao is a new credit product of Bank of China's (POC) Zhejiang branch, which allows enterprises to apply for loans by using copyrights of film and TV programs and accounts receivable as the pledge.

More than a million men sterile in China

[2011-11-07 15:20]

At least a million men in China have fertility problems, the Beijing Times reported on Monday.

Statue of Soong Ching Ling towers in controversy

[2011-11-07 13:22]

A 24-meter tall stone statue of one of the most prominent women in China's modern history has become embroiled in controversy after the foundation responsible for the construction reportedly denied it resembled Soong Ching Ling.

Stricter ban on baby formula considered

[2011-11-04 11:10]

Authorities on Thursday released a draft plan to prohibit the promotion of breast milk substitutes through advertisements and free gifts, the Beijing News reported.

China relaxes rules for army recruits

[2011-11-02 11:48]

China's annual winter army conscription is underway with lower standards set to allow recruits with small tattoos and excessive weight to enlist.

China Scene Nov 2, 2011

[2011-11-02 08:32]

A father in Qingdao, Shandong province, who discovered a live bug in a can of Dutch baby milk powder was told to identify which country it came from in order to get his money back.

Austria's crystal products popular with Chinese

[2011-11-01 15:01]

Typing "Austria" in the search engine of China's popular online shop will yield 690,595 products (data at 11:00 am, Nov 1, 2011), including accessories, stamps, coins and clothes.

China Scene, Oct 31, 2011

[2011-10-31 08:43]

Companies in Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, are allowing female employees to take half a day off every month if they complain of menstrual pain.

Teen shot dead near school in S China

[2011-10-28 17:15]

A ninth-grader was shot near a middle school in South China‘s Guangdong province Tuesday, local newspaper Nanfang Daily reported.