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People injured in money grabbing publicity stunt

[2011-05-01 22:10]

Maybe you don't believe that money could ever fall from the sky; however, it can. To attract potential house buyers, a real estate company in Zhenjiang made it happen on Saturday – by getting beautiful girls in hot air balloon baskets to pour money onto tourists.

Party profiles: Inventor Wang Xuan

[2011-04-29 13:50]

As a well-known computer application specialist, Wang Xuan was awarded the State Preeminent Sci-tech Award in 2001. [The China Daily website is to publish a series of stories about leading Party members ahead of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the CPC on July 1.]

Man shot dead after attacking police

[2011-04-29 10:55]

One man was shot dead and two others were detained after a suspect allegedly sprayed pepper water at a police officer and tried to grab the officer's gun, the reported today.

I am not particularly a picky eater

[2011-04-29 08:52]

I am not a particularly picky eater, nor am I particularly adventurous. After being in China for a few months, I think I have reached a milestone.

Will Kate be the next fashion icon?

[2011-04-28 18:02]

You may be tired of reading about one-angle reports about the bride-to-be, and China Daily website presents a Fashion in politics review, just in time for the royal wedding.  To start, let's look at Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama, and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.

British royal family orders Chinese wedding gift

[2011-04-28 11:33]

Counting down to the royal wedding of British Prince William and his girlfriend of nine years, Kate Middleton, the royal family has picked a stone carving from China for the couple, Xinhua News Agency reported Tuesday.

'Angry Birds' find a cousin in ancient China

[2011-04-27 15:18]

Over-night fame of celebrity personators now enters the Web age. An obscure Chinese antique is now an Internet sensation, simply because of its stunning resemblance to the Angry Birds.

My perception of Chinese society: Then and Now

[2011-04-27 09:37]

China is growing at a fast pace and the inevitable outcome of these changes is the changing society.

Forbes: Baidu CEO leads mainland billionaires

[2011-04-26 21:39]

Forbes China, the licensed Chinese-language edition of Forbes, published “The Global Chinese Billionaire List”. The list focuses specifically on the rise of Chinese wealthy entrepreneurs, reported Tuesday.

'Piracy harms children and nation's future'

[2011-04-26 16:59]

"Piracy will not only hurt the copyright owners and the children, but also the nation's innovation and future."

60% think low of experts and scholars

[2011-04-26 15:37]

Nearly 60 percent of Chinese people see a decline in the authority of scholars and experts, according to a survey of 2,186 people conducted by China Youth Daily.

A win-win land swap plan in quake zone

[2011-04-26 14:35]

Before October 2009, when Wugui village in Sichuan province was still a messy neighborhood. it never occurred to Zheng Daoxiang that one day he would be relaxing on a sofa in a two-story house,

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