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Grassroots football in China

[2011-07-26 09:34]

I bent down to the ground and touched my hand to the ground for my belief that this would be my interesting adventure and a stepping stone for my development in teaching soccer and also learn more about myself and the country that opens to the outside world.

China to launch new orbiter for global navigation

[2011-07-25 19:04]

China will launch the ninth orbiter into space in "coming days" as part of its indigenous satellite navigation and positioning network.

Frustrated commuters block bus in protest

[2011-07-25 11:18]

Despite the heat and rush-hour traffic, two female commuters blocked a bus stopped at an intersection in Wuhan, the capital city of Central China's Hubei province, on July 23, 2011, in protest that the bus did not to stop at the right station.

Subway safety blitz in Beijing after E China train crash

[2011-07-25 10:32]

Beijing has strengthened safety procedures on the city's subway network in the wake of a fatal train crash in east China, the Beijing Times reported Monday.

Mentally ill woman survives fall from 5th floor

[2011-07-22 17:49]

A woman suffering from mental dissociation escaped death after falling from a fifth floor window, thanks to windows and electric wires below, in Shanghai on Thursday.

3 swimmers killed by electric shock

[2011-07-22 11:37]

A rainstorm in Tianjin caused an awning to topple and become tangled in broken electric wires before falling into an outdoor pool, killing three people and injuring many, the Beijing Times reported on Friday.

72 super rich dead before their time since 2003

[2011-07-22 10:17]

Since 2003, 72 billionaires in the Chinese mainland have died an unnatural death, the New Culture View reported Friday.

Jealous driver attacks love rival

[2011-07-22 08:16]

A driver hit a pedestrian with a car before stabbing him on a downtown street in Wenzhou, a city in East China's Zhejiang province.

20 tons of fake drinks confiscated in N China

[2011-07-21 16:30]

Three warehouses storing 20 tons of counterfeit drinks have been shut after a joint crackdown by police and law enforcers from local commercial and industrial bureau in Shijiazhuang city of Hebei province on Wednesday.

Gutsy 7 day, 360 km hike to find a job

[2011-07-21 15:15]

A 21-year-old man spent seven days and six nights trudging for 360 kilometers from Chengdu, the capital city of Southwest Sichuan province, to Chongqing municipality, just to look for a job, reported Thursday.

Young couple sell own kids for quick cash

[2011-07-21 15:05]

A young couple was taken into custody for selling their three children to raise money to support their illegitimate lifestyle.

Scorpions crawl in as residents sleep

[2011-07-21 11:15]

Residents at Shenzhen’s Huawu alley woke to a live nightmare of hundreds of potentially deadly scorpions creeping all over their walls, floors and mosquito nets at 2:30 am on Thursday, reported.