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China's 'I-paid-a-bribe' sites face shutdown

[2011-06-17 13:56]

China's grass roots anti-bribery websites may all be shut down because they are not registered with authorities, the Nanfang Daily reported Thursday.

Designing Shenzhen's future

[2011-03-25 10:56]

The government of Shenzhen has asked the public to design an official logo for the city.

University pays students to grade exam papers

[2011-06-17 11:21]

An investigation is underway after it was revealed a university has been paying students to grade national college entrance exam papers, Beijing Times reported.

First aid should not be delayed by fee issues

[2011-06-17 11:15]

China's emergency centers can charge service fees in accordance with the rules, but they should not refuse or delay aid over fee issues, according to a draft regulation published Thursday by the Ministry of Health.

A life-long love affair with China

[2011-06-17 09:37]

I am an American who has felt a closeness and interest in China from the earliest times I can remember.

Travelling No.1 choice for millionaires

[2011-06-16 21:26]

Travelling fell among the most frequent ways of spending for rich Chinese people. France, the United States and Australia rank as the top three international destinations.

Artist kneels in apology to animals

[2011-06-16 17:59]

Repeating these actions, the man who claimed to be a performance artist, Pian Shankong, said he wanted to call for animal protection through these gestures, the paper said.

Lhasa, 1st Chinese city to ban plastic bags

[2011-06-16 16:55]

As other cities in China are struggling to contain the "white pollution" caused by flying plastic bags by limiting their use, Lhasa takes one step further, by banning bags from production to sales.

Family sues over son's suicide

[2011-06-16 15:19]

A Chinese family has launched a second attempt to claim compensation following the death of their son after a court rejected their first claim last year, Beijing News reported Thursday.

Net blamed for wrong usage of Chinese in gaokao

[2011-06-16 12:49]

There has been a rise in wrong usage of Chinese characters found in test papers of China's National College Entrance Examination, gaokao, in Beijing, the reported.

60% of food additives undetectable

[2011-06-16 12:14]

Sixty percent of the 2,200 food additives in China cannot be tested due to technical limitations, according to a food safety inspection team of the Standing Committee of National People’s Congress, the Beijing Times reported Thursday.

Chinese tourists lead global shopping: report

[2011-06-15 10:42]

Chinese mainland tourists spent more on shopping in 2010 than any other nation according to the first Chinese Luxury Traveler White Paper, the Beijing News reported Wednesday.