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Infants' bodies found on roadside

[2012-02-29 16:32]

A hospital in Shandong province apologized to the public on Wednesday for discarding the bodies of several dead infants near a road crossing.

New rules for China's 2 million cabbies

[2012-02-28 15:03]

China's two million overworked taxi drivers will be able to have one day off every week under a number of new rules that aim to protect cabbies' rights.

Aid to vocational school students may rise

[2012-02-27 21:57]

The government is considering providing more subsidies to poor students at vocational schools in order to meet the country’s rising demand for qualified technical workers, an educational official said.

Man punished for spreading SARS rumors

[2012-02-27 20:49]

Police in Baoding, Hebei province, have arrested a person who runs a website for spreading rumors of SARS infections in Baoding.

Graduate student needs a new name for hukou

[2012-02-24 17:00]

A graduate of Hunan University called Peng A has a problem with her hukou (permanent residence permit) for her unusual given name.

73% of Chongqing women believe they’re equal

[2012-02-23 17:06]

In a survey throughout Southwest China's Chongqing municipality, about 72.7 percent of women believe they have equal social status as men, 13.2 percent above the national average.

Court tries woman protection program

[2012-02-23 15:43]

court in South China's Guangdong province, as part of a pilot program to protect women against domestic violence, has issued an order to protect a woman against domestic abuse for the first time.

Lei Feng spirit to inspire new generation

[2012-02-23 15:33]

Changsha, capital city of Hunan province, has launched a campaign calling on students to continue the spiritual heritage of Lei Feng (1940-1962).

S China city to add more toilets for women

[2012-02-22 16:45]

The city of Guangzhou is trying to legislate the expansion of ladies' rooms, Nanfang Daily reported Wednesday.

Beijing plans campus police system

[2012-02-22 14:57]

Beijing plans to dispatch "school police" this year to improve safety management and danger prevention in the city's kindergartens, primary and middle schools.

Man makes 400 shoes to repay childhood debt

[2012-02-21 17:29]

A deep gratitude can be powerful enough to drive a person to persist in repaying for 10 years, even decades later.

Land subsidence hits 50 cities

[2012-02-21 17:19]

More than 50 cities in China have wide-spread land subsidence, China Central Television reported.