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Mother sues son for not supporting her

[2013-07-17 19:55]

Li Lanyu, 78, sued her son for not supporting her in Chengdu, Sichuan province.

Migrant workers' kids at high risk of sex crimes

[2013-07-16 21:09]

Children of migrant workers have become a high risk group of sexual abuse, which is a result of parents' negligence, Modern Gold Express, a newspaper based in Ningbo.

China smog chokes 600 million in 2013

[2013-07-12 11:32]

Some 600 million people have been affected by the lingering smog since the start of 2013, a report from National Development and Reform Commission revealed. Coal burning shortens lives

Paying off debts via decades of trash collecting

[2013-07-11 20:31]

An old couple, now in their 70s, have been collecting trash to pay their debts for more than a decade.

Capital’s pickpocket hotspots exposed

[2013-07-10 10:29]

Three subway lines were the most frequent target of pickpockets in Beijing, the Beijing Times reported, citing a work report issued by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau on Tuesday.

Court officials warn of crimes using WeChat app

[2013-07-09 21:56]

Prosecutors and judges in Beijing have urged people to pay more attention to the potential for crimes to be committed utilizing WeChat, a popular social network app.

Feng shui practitioner now sells spells online

[2013-07-08 21:26]

A 30-year-old man who has run an online shop selling spells for eight months is earning about 1 million yuan ($163,000) a month.

2.5 m-tall man offered free treatment for disease

[2013-07-08 20:20]

Wang Fengjun, who comes from Sanmenxia in Henan province, is 2.55 meters tall, 29 cm taller than Yao Ming, the former NBA basketball star.

Trade majors show literary talent in love poems

[2013-07-05 16:30]

More than 50 students majoring in International Trade at the China University of Petroleum in Qingdao, East China’s Shandong province, were assigned a special, somewhat wacky project for homework in late May – write love poems in English with an international trade theme.

Naked girl found begging on Nanjing streets

[2013-07-04 21:11]

A 6-year-old girl was found begging naked on the street in Nanjing, capital city of Jiangsu province, on Tuesday.

School says students enjoy rice with river water

[2013-07-03 20:15]

It was a habit for pupils in a school in Yunnan province to mix cold river water and rice for lunch, said the school's principal on Tuesday in a response to online criticism.

25 foreigners arrested in vice crackdown

[2013-07-01 09:39]

A police crackdown on illegal activities in the capital has resulted in 25 foreigners being detained and another 212 warned or fined, authorities said Sunday.