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Author finds clues to real life in his whodunit fiction

[2012-10-15 20:09]

In just two years, Sun Yi-sheng has been a chemistry major, factory guard, pesticide chemist and writer.

Integrity urged in civil servant recruitment exam

[2012-10-15 17:15]

The State Administration of Civil Service issued a letter on Oct 14 as a reminder for all candidates of the national civil servant recruitment exam to avoid dishonest behavior and waste of resources during the test.

Navigation satellite to be launched in late Oct

[2012-10-15 16:18]

A new satellite for China's homegrown Beidou navigation system will be launched at the end of October to join 15 satellites already in orbit, the Beijing News reported on Monday.

Philanthropist offers free villa to Mo Yan

[2012-10-15 15:51]

Chen Guangbiao, one of China's most ostentatious businessmen and philanthropist, has offered Nobel laureate Mo Yan a villa in suburban Beijing.

Research sheds light on girl drop out rate

[2012-10-11 21:49]

Almost 7 percent of girls from poor families in northwest China drop out of education early, a study has found.

Martial artist ostracized over chi power video

[2012-10-11 17:01]

A controversial martial artist has been ostracized by members of the tai chi community for claiming she can move people using the power of chi.

Local police faces public safety failure lawsuit

[2012-10-11 17:00]

A resident of Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi province in northwest China, brought a lawsuit on Thursday against the city's public security bureau for its failure to ensure his safety during anti-Japanese demonstrations.

Official reported to own 21 properties probed

[2012-10-10 21:46]

Government departments in Guangzhou's Panyu district are investigating claims a senior local official owns 21 properties.

Matchmaker ordered to refund 150,000-yuan fee

[2012-10-10 21:03]

A court in Beijing has upheld a ruling that a matchmaking agency must return a woman’s 150,000 yuan ($23,835) service fee because the company failed to provide satisfactory service, Beijing Times reported.

Nigerian man detained for illegal residence

[2012-10-10 20:43]

A Nigerian man was detained in Nantong, Jiangsu province, on suspicion of illegal residence.

Student files lawsuits against govts

[2012-10-10 20:16]

A college student filed lawsuits against two provincial departments in Shaanxi province for not publicizing information about a local official's salary, the China Youth Daily reported.

GPS avenger sentenced

[2012-10-10 19:18]

A man was sentenced for plotting an attack on a man whom he suspected of having an affair with his wife, using a GPS unit, Wuhan Evening News reported Wednesday.