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Dead mosquitoes lead to road accident

[2012-11-15 23:46]

A road made slick by a thick layer of dead insects led to a traffic accident on Wednesday in Wuhan, Hubei province, Wuhan Evening News reported.

Construction accident in NW China kills 8

[2012-11-15 23:46]

A collapse at a construction site in Shenmu county, Shaanxi province, killed eight people and injured 20 on Thursday morning.

Sweethearts to spend wedding gifts on school uniforms

[2012-11-15 23:46]

An engaged couple in South China's Guangdong province wants to use the cash wedding gifts they receive online to buy school uniforms for students in the impoverished mountain areas.

Duck snack subway station leaves a bitter taste

[2012-11-15 02:10]

The naming of a new subway station after a popular duck snack brand is proving hard to swallow for residents in Wuhan.

Latecomers ordered to climb stairs

[2012-11-13 21:31]

A company in Chengdu, Sichuan province, has required employees who arrive late to climb the stairs to its 19th floor office.

'Eagle Dad' defends extreme parenting methods

[2012-11-12 23:21]

A father in Wuhan, Hubei province, dubbed "Eagle Dad" for his controversial parenting style, has dismissed critics' claims that he pushes his 4-year-old son too hard.

Landscape expo to boost coastal Jinzhou

[2012-11-10 21:29]

The 2013 World Landscape Art Exposition, which is scheduled to be held next year in Jinzhou, Liaoning province, will serve as a huge platform for development for the coastal city.

Beijing adopts 100,000 new public slogans

[2012-11-07 17:04]

A new version of 100,000 public signs will sweep across the capital by March 2013, reported.

More people apply for jobs at China Marine Surveillance

[2012-11-06 16:36]

Competition for jobs at China Marine Surveillance is tough this year with more than 7,400 people applying for 95 positions, data released by the State Oceanic Administration showed.

Gang of 44 on trial in Guangzhou

[2012-11-06 15:34]

A total of 44 people from a major criminal gang were brought to court for trial during a public hearing in Haizhu District People's Court in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, on Monday.

Woman remarries ex to donate liver

[2012-11-01 17:13]

A liver transplant between a woman and her ex-husband was successfully carried out on Oct 31. Su Dan had remarried her ex, who had cirrhosis of the liver and cancer, in order to do the transplant.

Beijing stalled on top of traffic jam list

[2012-11-01 07:14]

If you want to be on time for an important meeting or a date in a crowded city like Beijing, it's wise to leave home early.