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Officials urged to set anti-smoking example

[2013-12-03 19:05]

Anti-smoking advocacy group ThinkTank has urged Chinese government officials to set an example in tobacco control.

E-commerce boom brings phishing to China

[2013-12-02 19:00]

China detected an increasing number of online scams taking advantage of the e-commerce boom to swindle netizens.

Authorities increasingly reaching public through apps

[2013-11-28 21:38]

A quarter of China's government ministries and 31 percent of provincial-level governments have developed software applications that run on smartphones or other mobile devices, according to figures released by a ministry research institute on Thursday.

China has 604 million netizens

[2013-11-28 19:19]

The number of Internet users in China had hit 604 million as of the end of September this year, with mobile phones becoming the favored means of accessing the web, the State Internet Information Office announced on Thursday.

China receives fewer complaints in last 10 months

[2013-11-28 18:20]

China's State Bureau for Letters and Calls (SBLC) said that it had received a total of 6.04 million complaint letters and calls in the first ten months of 2013, with complaints filed above the county level dropping by 2.1 percent year on year.

NE China's wild tiger, leopard population rising

[2013-11-26 21:26]

Wild Siberian tigers and Amur leopards have gained a marked population increase in the forests of northeast China's Jilin Province, authorities said on Tuesday.

Quarter of Chinese women suffer domestic violence

[2013-11-26 21:23]

Nearly 25 percent of Chinese women have suffered domestic violence in their marriage, an official in charge of women's affairs said on Tuesday.

China bans public funded gifts during holidays

[2013-11-21 21:13]

Chinese officials are not to exchange gifts such as fireworks and firecrackers bought with public funds, during the New Year and Spring Festival holidays.

Committee established to supervise lawyers

[2013-11-20 20:50]

The All China Lawyers Association on Wednesday established a committee to supervise lawyers' conduct and vowed to punish those who break laws.

Anti-graft agencies expand presence online

[2013-11-20 19:04]

Disciplinary watchdogs at different levels have opened nearly 1,000 micro blog accounts as the anti-graft agency seeks to make its voice heard through new media.

China pools subsidies for rural teachers

[2013-11-19 20:52]

The Chinese government will increase financial support for teachers in rural and impoverished areas to attract talent into underdeveloped rural education.

Model uses fake photos to seek wife

[2013-11-19 18:26]

A male model who went online to find a wife has been outed by netizens, as the photos he used to depict himself in his post appear to have been doctored.