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Every dog has its day for dinner

[2013-01-02 01:31]

Serving their pets with specially made food is an increasingly popular trend among young owners.

Online matchmaking flourishes in China

[2013-01-02 01:26]

China's young singles under pressure from parents and family to get married are increasingly turning to websites to find Ms or Mr Right.

Netizens welcome bid to curb degree fraud

[2013-01-02 00:48]

A new regulation to combat academic degree fraud, with harsh punishments for offenders, has been welcomed by the public.

E-commerce finds markets overseas

[2013-01-02 00:28]

While e-commerce companies have plunged into ever-increasing competition in the Chinese domestic market, some are trying their luck outside China.

Court rejects village official's labor camp appeal

[2012-12-28 23:31]

A court in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality on Friday rejected a village official's appeal against his two-year sentence to a re-education through labor camp.

Poll reveals worsening public opinion of Japan

[2012-12-27 00:02]

Negative public opinion toward Japan reached new highs in China this year, according to a new survey, as analysts urged closer communication between the two nations.

58 students affected by suspected food poisoning

[2012-12-22 02:46]

Fifty-eight middle school students were hospitalized over possible food poisoning in East China's Zhejiang province on Tuesday, local authorities confirmed Friday.

Corrupt women officials undone by beauty

[2012-12-22 00:20]

Corrupt women government officials are increasingly using beauty salons to cover their tracks, prosecutors and legal experts said.

Chinese flock to Europe, US for holiday

[2012-12-21 00:18]

Increasing numbers of Chinese tourists are choosing to travel abroad for Christmas, leading to a boom in business for travel agencies, despite the Christian festival not being a public holiday in China.

Christians warn against cult influence

[2012-12-20 01:02]

The Christian community in China condemned the so-called Church of Almighty God and warned believers nationwide to stay vigilant against cult influences.

Driver who ran over girl gets 30 months

[2012-12-20 00:59]

The driver who ran over and killed a 2-year-old girl in Foshan, Guangdong province, in October 2011 was sentenced to 30 months in prison for negligent homicide.

Suspect in school knife attack 'feared end of the world'

[2012-12-18 00:19]

The suspect in a knife rampage that left 23 students and an elderly woman wounded on Friday was influenced by rumors that the world was about to end, a local government report said.