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Man owed wages blows himself up

[2013-01-19 00:58]

A man who failed to obtain overdue wages killed himself in Guangzhou on Friday by triggering explosives attached to his body, witnesses said.

Rented boyfriends keep parents at bay

[2013-01-18 23:58], China's largest online marketplace, is never short of bizarre offers. And here is the latest one: boyfriends for rent.

Highly educated cleaners start jobs in Harbin

[2013-01-17 22:20]

Seven people holding master's degrees began their jobs as sanitation workers this month in Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang province.

Organ brokers receive up to four years in prison

[2013-01-17 21:39]

A court in Poyang county, East China's Jiangxi province, sentenced four people to up to four years in prison for organizing trade in organs, Jiangnan City Daily reported on Thursday.

Guangdong to reward whistle-blowers for fake shark fin

[2013-01-16 17:05]

Whistle-blowers offering tips concerning fake or substandard shark fins in Guangdong province will be rewarded 300 yuan ($48) to 300,000 yuan.

Beijing leads nation on rich list

[2013-01-15 23:40]

Beijing has the largest number of rich people in China, but inland regions are seeing faster growth in the number of millionaires than Beijing, a report shows.
Inland areas 'catching up' in wealth

Report: Wealthy still lavish luxury on friends, colleagues

[2013-01-15 23:40]

The famous baijiu brand Moutai has fallen out of the top 10 preferred brands used as business or personal gifts by China's millionaires, according to a new report, but it was still the only Chinese brand to make it into the top 15.

Haze drives demand for clean air products

[2013-01-14 02:49]

The market for dust masks and air purifiers is booming in Beijing because the capital has been shrouded for several days in thick fog and haze, an indicator of heavily polluted air.

Expats struggle to breathe easy as smog chokes city

[2013-01-14 02:49]

The lure of opportunity that comes with a job offer in the world's economic powerhouse is clouded by the health risks associated with living in cities stifled by smog.

Police official abused power: Probe

[2013-01-14 01:44]

A deputy provincial police chief in North China who tried to cover up an assault his son is alleged to have committed should be fired, an investigation by discipline authorities has concluded.

Miracle survivor receives 'light' disability grade

[2013-01-14 01:44]

The young girl who survived 2011's deadly high-speed train crash will only suffer from a lesser degree of disability than expected, according to a medical appraisal of her injuries.

Tycoon's daughter says hard to find true love

[2013-01-10 21:55]

The 30-year-old daughter of China's richest man said she has never fallen in love because she has always been suspicious about her suitors' motives.