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Gang leaders sentenced to death

[2012-08-22 18:49]

Two members of a criminal gang have been sentenced to death, suspended for two years, and 32 members of the same gang have received hefty jail terms, Xiaoxiang Morning News reported on Wednesday.

Much ado about nothing at McDonald’s

[2012-08-22 18:21]

A customer at a McDonald’s found his burger so spicy that police were called in to put out the flames.

Hospital alleged to keep twins from seeing parents

[2012-08-22 17:11]

A father of premature twins complained that a hospital in South China's Shenzhen city kept him and his wife from being with their newborn twin boys because the couple was not able to pay its 120,000 yuan ($18,900) bill.

Women's conference held in Beijing

[2012-08-22 16:52]

Five successful career women gave speeches at the recent Third Annual of Women and Youth Leadership Conference in Beijing.

Smashed porcelains confirmed as forgeries

[2012-08-21 20:16]

The Chinese porcelains smashed on a TV show and now part of a display at the Capital Museum are counterfeits, as the exhibit’s sponsors have claimed, the Beijing government said Tuesday.

Students studying abroad increase 23%

[2012-08-21 16:00]

China has become the world's biggest source of overseas students, Beijing Times reported.

Chinese turn to imported food amid safety woes

[2012-08-21 14:55]

More Chinese consumers are turning to imported food brands due to the domestic food safety scandals in recent years, according to a report published on Aug 20 by research company Ipsos.

'Eagle Dad' sets son a sailing challange

[2012-08-20 21:04]

He Yide, a 4-year-old boy and son of "Eagle Dad", may become the world’s youngest sailing competitor when he participates in the Qingdao International Sailing Week.

Hospital congested as 24-hour service opens

[2012-08-20 18:31]

The Peking Union Medical College Hospital, a renowned general hospital in Beijing, began a 24-hour appointment registration service on Sunday to ease the morning tension of registrations and restrict scalpers' illegal sale of appointment tickets.

Sri Lankan author launches new book about China

[2012-08-20 15:27]

Sri Lankan well-known author Saman Kumara Athaudahetti, released his new book of travel insights into China on Saturday, it is the first publication on China to be written in the Sinhalese language.

Shop keeper arrested for selling poisoned food

[2012-08-16 20:31]

Police in the Tongchuan district of Dazhou, Sichuan province, have detained a shop keeper for causing a couple to take home chicken bottoms mixed with rat poison.

China's last emperor's house demolished

[2012-08-15 16:41]

The residence of Aisin-Gioro Puyi (1906-67), the last ruler of China, has become a pile of rubble, Beijing News reported.