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Sperm bank expands after relocation

[2012-09-10 20:25]

The only sperm bank in Shanghai is preparing to move to larger premises that will provide a better storage for frozen sperm, a bank staff member has said.

Good Samaritans to get just rewards

[2012-09-10 19:57]

Good Samaritans in Guangdong province will have the privilege of buying affordable houses and applying for local permanent residency permits.

Rural teachers deserve more respect, better pay

[2012-09-10 18:40]

After an earthquake toppled school buildings in Southwest China Friday, a rural teacher used his bare hands to dig 7 students from the rubble, fearing tools might hurt the children.

Migrant school teachers happy despite uncertain futures

[2012-09-10 18:29]

After graduating with a law degree from China's top-ranked Peking University, Li Min never imagined she would work not as an elite lawyer, but as a teacher earning a paltry salary in a school for migrant children.

Teachers to be tested every 5 years

[2012-09-10 16:16]

Teachers in Shanghai will be the first nationwide to undergo exams every five years to keep their jobs, Beijing News reported.

Kickbacks behind hairy crab holiday discounts

[2012-09-08 21:27]

Online stores are offering heavy discounts for hairy crabs ahead of two major holidays, upsetting traditional crab outlets and revealing industry kickbacks.

Children in NW China nap on school desks

[2012-09-07 11:41]

Thousands of children at a primary school in Xi'an, Shaanxi province, spend their regular noon breaks napping on their desks.

13.6% of women sexually harassed on subway

[2012-09-06 15:22]

More than 80 percent of people think sexual harassment exists on the subway according to a poll reported by China Youth Daily.

2 areas listed as UNFAO heritage sites

[2012-09-05 20:25]

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization listed two areas where tea and grains are produced in traditional ways as heritage sites on Sept 5.

Man burns himself after dispute with school

[2012-09-05 19:43]

A man set himself on fire at a school in Hunan province on Monday, following a dispute with a teacher over enrolling his son at the school for the new semester.

Official who beat flight attendant not suspended

[2012-09-05 19:37]

An official from Guangzhou's Yuexiu district government denied that Fang Daguo, the senior district Party official who had a physical altercation with a flight attendant on Aug 29, has been suspended from his post as reported.

Son exposes father as fugitive in Internet cafe

[2012-09-05 17:00]

An 18-year-old exposed his father as a fugitive when he used his father's ID card in an Internet cafe, Changjiang Daily reported on Wednesday.