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Zhang Qiusheng’s hand-made water vat

[2011-11-30 17:30]

A hand-made water vat is a local craft with over two hundred years of history in Hongtong county, Shanxi province.

Traditional rice wine-making no successors?

[2011-11-30 17:26]

Wang Lijiao, a 61-year old wine maker, lives in a three hundred-year-old mansion at the center of Xiansai village near Qionghai city,Hainanprovince. Stepping into this old mansion, one can smell the mellow scent of Wang’s home-made ricewine.

Village known for sorghum stalk boards

[2011-11-30 17:12]

There is a long history of making sorghum stalk boards in Nianshang village, Linyi city in East China’s Shandong province.

Dairies deny milking new safety standards

[2011-11-29 16:46]

China's dairy manufacturers have denied hijacking a bill for national milk standards after strict new safety limits were changed in the draft regulations, Beijing Morning reported on Tuesday.

Students ostracized for poor exam scores

[2011-11-29 13:05]

A group of high school students claim they are being forced to sit alone in class after achieving poor academic results.

Hotel to be built in Confucius temple

[2011-11-25 16:48]

Rehe Confucius Temple, one of three China's biggest Confucius temples in Hebei province will have a hotel and restaurant built in its grounds, according to the local residents.

Maotai targets luxury ranking

[2011-11-25 16:29]

Chinese high-end liquor Moutai is targeting a place in the luxury list, according to multiple sources.

Family fund to help when only child dies

[2011-11-25 16:12]

Beijing still keeps the door closed for families with one parent being an only child to have a second child,

Mama's boy drives girlfriend away

[2011-11-25 14:30]

What if your boyfriend always opposed you by saying, "Mom said this," "Mom said that"? A 28-year-old woman in Chongqing finally couldn't stand it anymore and "ran away from home" on Nov 19.

Blood shortage crisis in Beijing

[2011-11-25 11:28]

Blood supplies in Beijing have fallen dramatically after the lavish lifestyle of a woman linked to the Red Cross of China was exposed on the Internet, Beijing News reported on Friday.

Ancient tombs bid for world heritage status

[2011-11-24 22:44]

The West Xia Tombs, an ancient imperial tomb complex in Northwest China's Ningxia Hui autonomous region, has started a project to bid for world heritage status, local authorities said.

Theft map released in E China

[2011-11-24 17:47]

A theft map pinpointing where thieves operate along subway lines in Nanjing was released Wednesday by local metro police, the Yangtze Evening Post reported.