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More supervision of online food sellers urged

[2012-06-20 20:52]

The Guangdong Administration for Industry and Commerce has promised to proceed with registering online shop keepers' real names in response to a college professor's complaint that online sales of food are not being supervised enough.

Civil servants 'feel' good about health: survey

[2012-06-20 20:20]

A survey released on June 20 showed that male civil servants have an inflated self-evaluation of their health condition while their health reports show different results.

Syphilis sufferers double in Guangzhou

[2012-06-20 19:29]

The number of people suffering from syphilis has doubled in the past 10 years in Guangzhou, South China's Guangdong province, the Information Times reported on Wednesday.

17 rural bank branches open in Yunnan

[2012-06-20 19:28]

Seventeen rural bank branches opened in Yunnan province over the weekend, as Chinese lenders accelerate their expansion into rural areas.

Father files suit in sperm donor's death

[2012-06-20 19:28]

A local court in Wuhan, Hubei province, has opened a case involving a medical doctoral candidate who died during a sperm donation last year.

Beijing plans new energy-efficiency standards

[2012-06-19 21:47]

New design standards for residential buildings that aim to save energy will be released in the third quarter in Beijing.

Rules tightened for new drivers

[2012-06-19 19:46]

New drivers who have had their licenses for less than one year will need to have drivers with at least three years of experience with them when traveling on expressways, the Ministry of Public Security said on June 19.

Shanghai court commended for IP Protection

[2012-06-19 19:45]

Its quick response to the violation of intellectual property rights earned the Shanghai First Intermediate People's Court the gratitude of the consulate general of Belgium.

Public bike rental service open to all

[2012-06-19 19:45]

In response to the worries of residents in Beijing without permanent residency cards, authorities said the city's first public bike rental service will be open to all people.

Concert on riverbank promotes water conservation

[2012-06-19 09:18]

A concert to promote water conservation and environmental protection was given on the banks of the Yellow River in Guide county, in northwest Qinghai province on June 17.

Scammers retaliate against police

[2012-06-18 21:27]

Eighty people in a pyramid scheme that had been exposed by police retaliated by attacking police and security guards, Xin'an Evening News reported on Monday.

Transnational bank fraud case cracked

[2012-06-18 20:32]

A transnational bank card fraud case involving 146 suspects who swindled more than 1 billion yuan ($157 million) was uncovered by the police in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province last week.