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Eagle Boy takes to sky to break another record

[2013-09-02 15:11]

A five-year-old Chinese boy has become Guinness world recorder holder for the youngest person to pilot a plane.

Beijing tightens vehicle emission controls

[2013-09-02 13:53]

Beijing on Monday unveiled a package of measures to curb vehicle emissions over the next five years as part of the its increasing efforts to improve air quality.
Beijing vows to reduce PM 2.5 density by 25%

Beijing's custom buses can be booked online

[2013-08-30 10:37]

Beijing's customized buses can be booked online starting Sept 1, People's Daily reported Friday.

Communities in Beijing to open up to public

[2013-08-29 11:05]

Beijing authorities are promoting a refurbishing program that aims to make communities look less isolated and more open to the public.

Unmarried pregnant woman wrongly fired - court

[2013-08-28 13:19]

A court in Beijing has ruled that a food company was wrong in firing an unmarried employee for getting pregnant and ordered a compensation of 9,000 yuan ($1,471).

Drive to train Beijing's taxi drivers in ethics

[2013-08-22 11:15]

Beijing's taxi drivers are to undergo training on rules and industry service standards, the Beijing News reported on Tuesday.

Hotel under fire for misuse of its bath towels

[2013-08-20 11:03]

A hotel in Beijing apologized for misuse of its towels, Beijing News reported.

Undue taxes reflect on local govts' pressure

[2013-08-17 19:44]

Unwelcome taxes recently exposed all across China are symptomatic of the financial burden that local governments are forced to shoulder against the backdrop of a slowing economy and spiraling debt.

E China rail station to return to former glory

[2013-08-15 15:42]

Jinan, in East China's Shandong province, will invest 1.5 billion yuan ($245 million) to rebuild its train station, including restoring the German-built station dismantled 21 years ago, according to Jinan Old City Development Investment Group.

Chinese behaving badly overseas warned again

[2013-08-02 10:56]

China's tourism industry has again called on Chinese tourists to behave overseas.

47% Chinese urbanites have smartphones: Google

[2013-08-01 17:11]

About 47 percent of Chinese urban residents have smartphones, according to a report released by Google on Wednesday.

Hidden stash of foreign cash

[2013-07-31 17:24]

According to an online survey by British flight search engine Skyscanner, of 1,000 Chinese tourists, 94.7 percent have foreign currency at home.