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Couple seeks help to pay for daughter's education

[2011-09-06 09:13]

A mother who is less than a meter in height is worrying about how to pay the fees for her adopted daughter who successfully passed the college entrance exam this summer.

Italian has busman's holiday helping old man

[2011-09-06 08:13]

An Italian tourist who visited Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu province, helped an old man who collapsed and stopped breathing in a scenic spot on Aug 30.

Crazy English founder accused of beating wife

[2011-09-05 16:37]

The famous founder of Crazy English, known around China for his high-energy intensive language classes, has been accused of beating his wife, the Xin’an Evening News reported on Monday.

Curing sick villagers for 30 years

[2011-09-05 16:34]

For over 30 years, they've dedicated themselves to a small rural clinic and have treated hundreds of patients in this village.

Staunch pursuit of travel, even at cost of house

[2011-09-05 16:25]

A Chinese senior couple is pursuing such global travel happiness even at the price of selling their house, the Oriental Morning Post reported Monday.

Home schools rise in China

[2011-09-05 12:42]

Home schools emerged in many places of China today due to the parents’ concern about the public education, the China Youth Daily reported Monday.

Police deny dog abuse in Guangzhou

[2011-09-05 11:45]

Police in Guangzhou have denied allegations they are mistreating dogs in a crackdown on dangerous dogs or pets without permits, the Guangzhou Daily reported on Monday.

DIY villager discovers preserved body in tomb

[2011-09-05 07:56]

A tomb built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) was accidentally discovered and a man's body unearthed in a village in Guangfeng county, Jiangxi province.

Blackmailer jailed after posting nude photos

[2011-09-05 07:56]

A jilted boyfriend has been sentenced to two years in prison in Beijing for attempting to blackmail his ex-lover's father.

Highway closed after sink holes appear

[2011-09-04 21:57]

A large hole emerged on a slope in Luxi county, Jiangxi province on Saturday, and a highway near the county was closed, Xiaoxiang Morning Post reports on Sunday.

27 students, teacher get infectious disease in lab

[2011-09-04 19:19]

The heads of a university department have been removed from their positions due to a group of staff and students being infected by a serious disease through the department's lab.

China deploys large fishing patrol to Xisha Islands

[2011-09-02 18:15]

China Yuzheng 306, a large fishery administration ship which is the first to set sail for a permanent deployment in the waters around the Xisha Islands in the South China Sea, leaves a South Chinese port on Friday.