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Couple attempt suicide after family rejection

[2012-02-08 13:46]

Two young lovers, rejected by their families, planned to commit suicide by lying on the train tracks.

Hainan purges 'fewer kids, more pigs' image

[2012-02-07 18:52]

Harsh family planning advertisements with sharp tones and scrawl characters on outdoor walls will be erased in Hainan province this year, according to the provincial population and family planning commission.

New Year fireworks kill 1, injure 272 in Beijing

[2012-02-07 13:57]

One person was killed and 272 were injured by firecrackers in Beijing since Jan 22, municipal authorities said Tuesday.

Proud dad records 4-yr-old boy run in snow

[2012-02-07 13:57]

An online video that shows a little boy running naked in heavy snow in -13 degree New York became an online sensation.

Seized dumplings given to nursing homes

[2012-02-07 13:48]

A group of shop owners have accused local law enforcement officers of seizing their sweet dumplings and giving them as gifts to old people’s homes, reported Tuesday.

Drug firm's use of bile, IPO plan under fire

[2012-02-07 13:36]

"How can a company living on hurting animals come into the market?" was an online outcry against a company that produces medicines made from bear bile attempting to get publicly listed, the Beijing Morning Post reported Tuesday.

Mobile text hotline becomes agony aunt

[2012-02-07 11:18]

A phone hotline launched to help users understand their mobile service has turned into an agony aunt for troubled youngsters, Yangtze Evening News reported on Tuesday.

Whopping prices for ordinary things

[2012-02-03 15:41]

The things with whopping prices out of imagine.

China to issue medical information card

[2012-02-03 13:54]

A card to store people's health records and settle medical expenses will be launched nationwide by China’s Ministry of Health, Beijing Times reported on Friday.

2m couples divorced in China in 2011

[2012-02-03 13:08]

A total of 32,999 couples ended their marriage in the capital city last year, a fifth year's growth since 2007, Beijing Times reported Friday.

Tough standards at N China's sperm bank

[2012-02-02 17:12]

Only three people out of 22 qualified to donate their sperm after physical examinations at Hebei Human Sperm Bank, the Hebei Youth Daily reported Thursday.

Musical farewell to demolished homes

[2012-02-01 17:24]

There was no famous musician, no conductor, bright concert hall or even a seat, but the sound created from the rubble of a former ancient site will echo on forever.