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Wishes not realized for hopeful couples

[2012-05-14 13:10]

Couples who want to be married on May 20, a day known for its homophone with "I love you" in Chinese, are likely to be upset because it falls on Sunday this year, a day-off for Shanghai marriage registration officials.

Grandpa realizes travel dream through netizens

[2012-05-14 10:58]

It may seem impossible for an aged man suffering from terminal cancer to fulfill a dream of touring the world, but a young granddaughter made it happen within a few days through micro-blogging.

Ferrari apologizes for donuts on ancient wall

[2012-05-11 17:05]

Italian automaker Ferrari has issued an apology for performing car stunts on an ancient city wall.

Top candidate eliminated due to personality

[2012-05-10 18:23]

Huang Hong, who ranked at the top on the Qinghai bureau of China Insurance Regulatory Commission's civil service test, was eliminated because of her introverted personality.

Man seeks to swap dogs for BMW

[2012-05-10 16:44]

A 61-year-old man from Hangzhou is attempting to trade his two mastiff dogs for a BMW car, which he says he needs to transport his sick wife.

700 dogs killed after rabies death

[2012-05-10 13:25]

More than 700 dogs have been put down in Jiajiang county, Sichuan province, in the wake of a rabies case that resulted in the death of a woman.

A mum's love for autistic daughter

[2012-05-09 16:49]

In the hour-long performance marking her 18th birthday, Ding, who was accompanied by her mother, finished 10 famous Chinese and foreign pieces.

Homemade submarine completes maiden dive

[2012-05-09 15:34]

A laid-off worker in Wuhan successfully tested his homemade submarine on Tuesday, hoping it could attract attention from the local aquatic product breeding industry.

Citizens win fight against fluff

[2012-05-09 14:50]

More than 200 citizens living in one small community has called on the local authorities to fell poplar trees because the cotton like fluff, which comes from bursting seed pods, is causing a nuisance.

Five cousins drown in village tragedy

[2012-05-09 14:39]

Wang Jiushou, 72, and his wife break down as they face the coffins of their five dead grandchildren who drowned after going for a wash in a village pond in East China's Jiangxi province.

Vehicle fumes pump up Shanghai pollution

[2012-05-08 16:01]

Shanghai's vehicle exhaust contributed to at least 25 percent of PM 2.5.

Students 'drugged' in class ahead of gaokao

[2012-05-07 15:42]

An investigation is underway after shocking images circulated on the Internet showing teenagers in a late night study session taking intravenous injections while studying for the gaokao.