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HK chief Donald Tsang breaks window silence

[2011-06-03 15:18]

Hong Kong’s chief executive has agreed to dismantle a controversial set of glass panels from his balcony following claims he violated building regulations, reported.

The eight thousand steps of Tian Mu Mountain

[2011-06-03 13:35]

I'd been in Fuyan one week when I met the father of a boy who was in Grade one Yong Xing, Middle school.

Police say 'unstable' people driven to Dongguan

[2011-06-01 17:45]

Dongguan police for the first time admitted they’re “under pressure” dealing with some “unstable persons” who are driven to the city from Shenzhen, Guangzhou Daily reported Wednesday.

No dragon boat races in drought-affected area

[2011-06-01 17:25]

This year's Dragon Boat Festival will lack some of its usual festivities in Wagouzi village in Honghu city of Central China's Hubei province - they cannot hold dragon boat races as severe drought has dried up local rivers and lakes.

60% of Shanghai students nearsighted

[2011-06-01 17:07]

Nearly 60 percent of primary and middle school students in Shanghai are nearsighted, Shanghai Evening Post reported on Wednesday.

China busts 100,000 for drugs in 2010

[2011-06-01 15:44]

China's anti-drug law enforcement departments cracked 89,000 cases of drug related crimes in 2010, with 101,000 suspects arrested, People's Daily said Wednesday citing a recent report.

My two anecdotes in China

[2011-06-01 09:03]

In China guards supervise the entrances to all public buildings, apartment and housing complexes, universities and shopping centers. They are usually friendly, and most of them wave to me now. A few even come out to shake my hand when I pass their stations. I often have wondered, "What is their function?"

Migrant population to grow to 350 million: report

[2011-05-31 17:23]

About 350 million Chinese people will travel from their hometowns to other parts of the country, according to a newly released report, China News Agency said Monday.

China Daily marks 30th anniversary at Great Hall

[2011-05-31 11:48]

China Daily celebrates the 30th anniversary of its founding at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, May 31, 2011.

China bans soldiers from socializing on Net 

[2011-05-31 10:43]

China forbids all military personnel from socializing on the Internet, which considers it a threat to the integrity of its military secrets, the PLA Daily reported.

Tighter smoking ban expected in Guangzhou

[2011-05-30 17:06]

Not a single person has been punished under the tough new smoking rules that came into effect on Sept 1 last year in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, Guangzhou Daily reported on Sunday.

Inventive wedding motorcade wows bride

[2011-05-30 11:08]

A bride was deeply touched when her imaginative bridegroom organized an economic but lovely motorcade in Changchun city, capital of Northeast China's Jilin province, to receive and escort the bride and her family on their wedding day, May 29, 2011, City Evening News reported Sunday.