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Nokia Siemens Networks plans more China layoffs

[2012-08-01 21:53]

Nokia Siemens Networks, the world's fourth-largest telecom gear maker, is planning to lay off around 300 employees in China.

Beijing insurance firms pay $142m after floods

[2012-08-01 21:52]

Insurance companies in Beijing had to pay out about 900 million yuan ($142.37 million) in compensation due to the damages caused by the floods that hit the region on July 21.

Ftuan, GaoPeng create new company

[2012-08-01 20:30]

Group-buying company Ftuan said on Wednesday it has formed a new company with GaoPeng, a sign that their parent company, Tencent Holdings Ltd, has finished the reintegration of its resources in the group-buying sector.

Man injured after pavement collapses

[2012-08-01 19:55]

A man was injured on July 31 after he fell on a pavement that collapsed in the crossing of Baiyunlu Street and Chang'an Street in Beijing's Xicheng district, the district's governmental micro blog said.

Bus safety hammers stolen in Zhengzhou

[2012-08-01 19:50]

A large number of safety hammers in buses have disappeared in recent weeks in Zhengzhou, in Central China's Henan province.

New car license plate issuing system in Guangzhou

[2012-08-01 19:30]

Guangzhou, Guangdong's provincial capital, is to introduce a new system for granting new car license plates, starting August, split between lottery, public auction, and environmental friendly considerations.

Tourists to pay 10 yuan lake protection fee

[2012-07-31 16:45]

Tourists in Yunnan province may have to pay 10 yuan ($1.57) a day for the protection of Dianchi Lake, reported Tuesday.

Project launched to expand tiger population

[2012-07-29 20:01]

Dozens of deer were released in China's Jilin province on Sunday during the launch of a project hoped to restore the region's Siberian tiger population.

Underwater cultural relics discovered

[2012-07-29 14:50]

Archaeologists have discovered 12 underwater cultural relics sites near the Xisha Islands in the South China Sea, an official with the provincial government of Hainan said Sunday.

Boy, 11, walks by self on highway for 11 days

[2012-07-27 21:33]

A 11-year-old boy walked on a highway for 11 days with only 24 yuan ($3.80), the Fujian-based Strait News reported on Friday.

Fugitive arrested after 17 years on the run

[2012-07-27 21:30]

Police on Thursday captured a man charged with robbery and rape, who had been on the run for 17 years.

Couple saves tourists from flood

[2012-07-27 21:24]

A couple in North China's Hebei province saved more than 500 lives when floods hit Liujiahe village on July 22, the Yanzhao Metropolis Daily reported.