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Media an 'accomplice' in fake medicines sales

[2012-05-04 21:05]

Prosecutors said that the media and the Internet have become "accomplices" in the sale of fake medicines in China, the Beijing Youth Daily reported on Friday.

Luxury brands deal with market slowdown

[2012-05-04 20:40]

International luxury brands in China are meeting the challenge of a market slowdown with greater efforts to improve the quality of customer service and the overall customer experience.

Regulators begin assessing logistics firm's IPO bid

[2012-05-04 19:55]

Regulators have started examining a 10-billion-yuan ($1.5 billion) IPO application by China Postal Express & Logistics Co Ltd.

Threshold for fundraising may be lowered

[2012-05-04 19:19]

China's securities regulator planned to lower the threshold for fundraising and eased conditions for fund products in preparation for the launch of new financial instruments, official from the top watchdog said on May 4.

Guangdong set to reap marine economy

[2012-05-04 19:17]

The value of Guangdong province's marine economy is expected reach 1.5 trillion yuan ($238.5 billion) by 2015, accounting for a quarter of the province's GDP, the local oceanic administration said on May 4.

Netizens ridicule new rules on lost train tickets

[2012-05-03 20:31]

The railway authority has said that passengers who mislaid train tickets will soon be allowed to reclaim booked seats for free, but netizens ridiculed it as the "most complicated procedure ever".

Anti-smoking law may dispense with warnings

[2012-05-03 19:59]

The current law in the Guangdong provincial capital requires enforcement officers to provide a warning before fining someone 50 yuan ($8) for smoking in indoor workplaces and other public areas.

Small is more beautiful for Chinese cities

[2012-05-03 19:19]

Small and medium-sized cities are more livable than big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai in terms of air quality, waste treatment capacity and built environment, according to newly published research by Urban China Initiative.

State cracking down on organic food fraud

[2012-05-03 18:56]

Authorities will step up measures to shut down substandard organic food businesses, cracking down on illegal activities such as certification misuse and counterfeiting of organic food products.

Monkey's death not result of visitor feeding

[2012-05-03 16:01]

The Beijing Zoo said a golden monkey there suddenly died over the recent Labor Day holiday, while denying that the animal's death had anything to do with food visitors had fed it, Beijing Youth Daily reported on Thursday.

Living the free life of Li

[2012-05-03 10:41]

Whilst most tourist attractions struggle for income, from May 1, Laojunshan scenic area in Henan province will allow all people surnamed Li to enter for free.

Last famous Flying Tiger on mainland dies at 92

[2012-05-02 14:05]

The last remaining heroic pilot of the famed Flying Tigers who lived on mainland China died on April 29 at the age of 92.