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Sino-US military bands give joint concert

[2011-05-17 20:35]

Thunderous applause and screams of excitement from the audience filled the concert hall at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts here on Monday night.

Gao Xiaosong gets 6 months for reckless driving

[2011-05-17 15:32]

China's Got Talent judge Gao Xiaosong is jailed for six months and fined 4,000 yuan ($615) for dangerous driving after crashing his car while drunk causing a four-vehicle pile-up.

Internet firms vow to fight fair online

[2011-05-17 10:14]

Representatives from 140 portals and websites signed a self-discipline pact Monday in Beijing, which vows to protest against illegal public relations on the Internet .

Chinese pop song writer gets license revoked

[2011-05-16 19:47]

Famous Chinese pop star Gao Xiaosong has had his driving license revoked for drunk driving, CCTV reports.

A Brazilian guy living in China

[2011-05-16 10:59]

My experience started when I applied for a job, as Int'l Marketing Analyst, at a Chinese agrochemical company, located in Shenzhen.

90% county-maintained hospitals in debt

[2011-05-16 10:56]

The director of Chinese Hospital Association, Cao Ronggui says that 90% of county-maintained hospitals are in debt, on a forum for hospital directors.

A Minority in the Midst of Millions

[2011-05-13 17:29]

I teach EFL Composition and Research Writing at an international university south of a city called Zhengzhou in Central China's Henan province. Over my year and a half there, I have experienced discrimination time and time again.

China's PLA develops own military game

[2011-05-13 14:39]

Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) officers and soldiers will soon have the chance to play the army's first self-developed military game, as it finishes the main development and is in the debugging process.

Shaolin Temple continues to deny online rumors

[2011-05-11 13:43]

Shaolin Temple continues to deny online rumors.

Million dollar art heist at Palace Museum

[2011-05-11 11:33]

Police are hunting a thief who stole millions of dollars worth of art in an overnight heist at the famed Palace Museum in Beijing. Comments(14)

The inscrutable joys of China university teaching

[2011-05-11 09:29]

Teaching at P. R. China colleges and universities -- take it from a veteran, far into his ninth year here -- owns many clear advantages over teaching tertiary in the West.

Baoshan becomes richest village in Sichuan

[2011-05-10 18:42]

Baoshan has become the richest village in Sichuan province just three years after the deadly 2008 Wenchuan earthquake killed 56 villagers, and destroyed 14 hydropower stations and 608 houses.