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Local govt seek tourists with free admission

[2013-04-17 11:22]

Two local governments in Central China announced a free-entry policy to their popular tourist sites to attract more visitors.

Jinjiang Footwear Expo to open

[2013-04-17 11:01]

The 2013 Jinjiang Footwear International Exposition will take place from April 18 to 21 in South China’s Fujian province.

Beekeeping industry buzzing in Beijing

[2013-04-17 10:52]

Apiculture, the management and study of bees, is playing a more significant role in Beijing's agricultural and ecological development, with industry exports reaching more than $11 million in 2012.

H7N9 expert warns human transmission possible

[2013-04-15 12:52]

Although no human-to-human infection of the H7N9 has been detected, a leading medical expert has cautioned that could happen as the virus mutates.

Beijing detention center opens to press

[2012-10-26 08:05]

An officer shows Chinese and foreign reporters the meeting room at a detention center in Beijing on Oct 25, 2012.

Biz school for kids sparks concern in Chengdu

[2013-04-02 16:50]

A business school in Chengdu, Sichuan province, which aims to help nurture entrepreneurship skills in kids, has sparked concerns that it can lead to money worship.

Vagrant story revealed as false

[2013-03-29 11:00]

Two reporters responsible for fabricating a heart-warming story of a young woman feeding an elderly street vagrant earlier this week issued apologies on Wednesday.

Beijing plans to narrow down graves

[2013-03-28 10:36]

Beijing will cut the land of graves before it becomes "filled with them in a few years," according to Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau.

1 in 80 Beijingers have chance in car lottery

[2013-03-26 10:52]

Only one in 80 Beijing residents have the chance to win a car plate in this month's lottery, marking the lowest rate since the scheme was launched in 2011, reported Monday.

Draft regulation to enhance kindergarten security

[2013-03-25 20:59]

A draft regulation that proposes upgrading security measures in kindergartens has been put out for public scrutiny.

No threat from dead duck dumping: official

[2013-03-25 20:19]

A local official said Monday that rotten ducks found floating in a river in Pengshan county of Southwest China's Sichuan province have been disposed of safely and will pose no threat to human and livestock along the river banks.

Beijing and Tianjin to tackle heavy pollution

[2013-03-25 21:53]

Beijing and Tianjin have drawn up an emergency plan to tackle heavy pollution, under an agreement signed by authorities in the two municipalities on Sunday.