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Retired official 'conned students'

[2012-07-04 15:27]

A retired Ministry of Education official went on trial in Beijing on Tuesday over allegations he helped swindle students hoping to study in the United States.

Dangdang CEO apologizes over 'Peeping Tom'

[2012-07-04 11:13]

An employee of a major Chinese online shopping retailer has been suspended from his job and arrested by police after allegedly being caught taking photos of women in an office toilet.

Courts auction seized vehicles

[2012-07-03 08:48]

Two regional courts in East China are auctioning online two cars seized by authorities, a move that could be followed by other courts across the country.

Woman jailed for phone theft wins retrial

[2012-07-02 21:37]

A woman sentenced to 10 years in prison for stealing a mobile phone will have her case retried before a court in Central China's Henan province, a statement released by the court said on Monday.

Wenzhou reforms govt cars policy

[2012-07-02 21:10]

The transportation allowance for senior officers in Wenzhou was found to be the highest in China after new rules were issued to reform the use of government cars.

Villagers lose out on pensions

[2012-07-02 21:10]

More than 60,000 villagers in Central China's Henan province were reportedly turned down when they tried to get their endowment insurance.

Police arrest armed robbery suspect

[2012-07-02 21:08]

Police have arrested an armed robbery suspect nine years after the crime, the Shenyang Daily reported.

Reporter suspended after cigarette report

[2012-07-02 19:09]

A journalist has been suspended after drawing attention to county officials who were pictured with expensive cigarettes while visiting people in poverty.

US job market sends Chinese students home

[2012-06-27 16:52]

Chelsea Hu, who will graduate from the University of Southern California, is among a growing number of graduates who are heading home to China and its enticing job market as hiring in the US lags.

Beijing primary schools to launch TCM classes

[2012-06-25 11:17]

Primary schools in Beijing will introduce traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) cultural classes next semester, a Beijing Times news reported Monday.

Facial paralysis may target soccer fans

[2012-06-21 17:23]

Hospitals in Beijing are receiving more patients since the beginning of the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship, the Beijing Morning Post reported Thursday.

China's Air Force loosens rules for new recruits

[2012-06-21 12:16]

Chinese Air Force of PLA has loosened its physical restrictions for new pilots this year, Henan Business Daily reported on Thursday.