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Paper iPhones popular offerings to deceased

[2012-03-28 11:22]

As iPhones and iPads are getting more popular in China, some people are choosing paper-made Apple goods as offerings to their deceased relatives.

Woman wastes 98 tons of water flushing toilet

[2012-03-27 21:07]

A 68-year-old rural woman who went to the city for the first time in her life wasted 98 tons of water over two months by flushing the toilet in her son's home.

Special doctor-patient marriage 14 years old

[2012-03-27 19:46]

A rural doctor in Shexian county, Anhui province, and a paralyzed woman he promised to marry in order to save her life, have just marked their 14 years of life together.

Four songs and a funeral

[2012-03-27 16:35]

A grieving daughter paid a 1,000 yuan bill after a band, unknown to the family, played four songs at her mother's funeral and she was too embarrassed to stop the music.

Nearly 60% Hunan divorces filed by women

[2012-03-27 14:50]

More than half of all divorce cases in central China's Hunan province are initiated by women, according to a report published by the local women's federation and statistic bureau.

Professor fined $159 for plagiarism

[2012-03-27 14:27]

A college professor in the city of Luoyang, Central China's Henan province, was fined only $159 for plagiarizing the work of a former undergraduate student at Beijing Sport University, the Zhengzhou-based Dahe Daily reported Tuesday.

Monkeys stalk hit-and-run cab

[2012-03-26 23:12]

A group of macaques attacked taxis in front of a hotel in Sanya, Hainan province, after a young macaque was killed by a hit-and-run driver.

Excess rural housing could be cleared

[2012-03-26 17:08]

Large areas of land with empty houses could be cleared due to the dwindling population of rural areas in China, the Beijing News reported, based on a research report on China's rural development to be issued Monday afternoon.

American resumes search for Chinese birth parents

[2012-03-26 17:03]

A 22-year-old woman from the United States is continuing efforts to find her biological parents in Southwest China's Yunnan province after her previous attempt failed last year.

Apple CEO 'sighted' in Beijing

[2012-03-26 15:58]

Tim Cook, Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc, was reportedly spotted in Beijing's business district on Monday.

Beijing rail ticket system paralyzed for an hour

[2012-03-26 14:59]

The railway ticket system in the capital was paralyzed for 67 minutes Sunday leaving passengers unable to buy or change tickets.

Man dies saving girlfriend in bizarre test of love

[2012-03-26 14:57]

A man died after attempting to save the life of his girlfriend who jumped into a river after they had an argument and staged a bizarre test of his love.