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Self-made airship sets new height record

[2011-12-05 15:29]

46 years-old, Leixiang successfully flew his own hot-air airship 577 meters above the ground in Changsha, on December 4, 2011.

China's income gap widening fast

[2011-12-02 14:30]

China's annual salary gap ratio between different industries was renewed to 4.2:1 in 2010.

Shanghai prison's management innovation

[2011-12-02 10:51]

Approximately 10,000 adult males with jail terms of more than one year start serving their time in the New Criminal's Prison for one to three months for discipline training before being sent to one of the other seven locations in Shanghai or other prisons in the country.

'Black jails' for petitioners banned

[2011-12-01 17:12]

Security companies in Beijing will no longer be able to help local governments intercept and detain petitioners who come to the capital to seek redress for alleged official wrongdoing, the Beijing News reported.

Progress made in protecting inmates' rights

[2011-12-01 14:13]

China has made remarkable improvement in protecting the rights of prison inmates in recent years, including elimination of bans on homosexuality and promotion of the death penalty by injection, according to a judicial official in charge of penal human rights studies.

Traffic congestion time in capital halved

[2011-12-01 13:21]

Transport chiefs claim the average congestion time in the capital has been slashed from 145 minutes to just 60 minutes compared to the same period last year, the Beijing News reported.

China Scene

[2011-12-01 08:04]

A murderer has confessed to killing a woman because he needed money to fund his suicide attempt.

China Scene: Central

[2011-12-01 08:04]

A former security guard who fled his hometown for six years to escape a manslaughter rap discovered on his return that his "victim" was still alive

China Scene: North

[2011-12-01 08:04]

A have-a-go hero who tackled a motorcycle thief was surprised to find the bag he rescued belonged to his wife.

China Scene: East

[2011-12-01 08:04]

A fugitive with an obsession for cleanliness was captured after he checked into a hotel using his real name so he could have a bath.

Lake logo draws crowds

[2011-12-01 08:00]

A giant white board, resembling a film screen, was recently set up beside the West Lake in Hangzhou, capital city of Zhejiang province. People from over the world are leaving their imprint on it.

Silversmith’s old street: a disappearing scenery

[2011-11-30 17:47]

The destinies of many folk crafts are similar, suffering many twists and turns. Over the past millennium, some have died and some others are in the process of dying off, and may be lost from human history.