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Timekeeper jailed after ringing bell early at exam

[2012-10-26 21:16]

A man in central China's Hunan province has received a jail sentence after ringing a bell five minutes too early during a national college entrance exam, disrupting the exam for more than 1,000 students.

Ear pulling video triggers online criticism

[2012-10-25 13:09]

A kindergarten child abuse case in Zhejiang province triggered an online wave of criticism on Oct 24, reported China News Service.

E China city defends chemical plant after protests

[2012-10-24 20:20]

A district government in Ningbo on Wednesday says a petrochemical plant it plans to expand meets "the most stringent discharge standards," two days after local villagers protested over pollution concerns.

Jaywalkers fined in N China

[2012-10-24 19:36]

A new campaign initiated by the government of the city of Shijiazhuang in north China's Hebei province will make pedestrians think twice about jaywalking.

Guangdong gets tough on bosses who don't pay

[2012-10-24 11:34]

Bosses in Guangdong who delay paying workers their salaries may have their personal information released, China News Service reported Tuesday.

Man on dating show gets call for medical advice

[2012-10-23 21:43]

A day after appearing on a popular dating show, a township official received hundreds of phone calls.

Zero tolerance for family planning policy violation

[2012-10-23 19:52]

Officials in the southern province of Guangdong will not be promoted if they are found to have violated the country's family planning policies, a senior provincial population and family planning official said.

Celebrating age and wisdom at Chongyang Festival

[2012-10-23 18:26]

On the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, Chinese celebrate Chongyang, a festival where filial piety and respect for the elderly are recognized. Liu Zhihua takes note to look at how the elderly in China live better and longer.

Construction starts on Shenzhen metro line 7

[2012-10-23 16:46]

Work has started on Shenzhen's metro line 7, after a ceremony attended by Wang Rong, Party secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee.

All IDs to be checked on trains to Beijing

[2012-10-23 13:10]

Train travelers will have to take along their identification cards when heading toward Beijing, Xinjiang or Tibet, the Hangzhou-based Qianjiang Evening News reported.

University grad takes job as dorm keeper

[2012-10-22 19:40]

A new university graduate in Zhejiang province recently made headlines by becoming a dormitory keeper, local media reported.

Official criticized for appearing on dating show

[2012-10-22 19:15]

A township official has responded to public skepticism over his appearance on a popular dating show, insisting he took part in the program in a bid to find love and not to seek fame as some netizens have suggested.