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Falling in love with China

[2011-05-30 09:30]

For unknown reasons, my parents insisted my siblings and I study Mandarin throughout our schooling.

Massive resettlement launched in NW China

[2011-05-27 14:58]

The government of China's Shaanxi province recently launched the country's largest-scale resettlement project since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949.

Three Gorges Dam: no more water to give

[2011-05-27 11:08]

Three Gorges Dam may not be able to quench the thirst of drought-hit areas in Central China after June 10 as the dam's water level has dropped two meters from 154 meters since it began releasing water.

Chongqing's Robocop elected vice mayor

[2011-05-27 14:21]

Wang Lijun has been elected Chongqing's vice mayor in a unanimous vote, Chongqing Evening News reported.

City invests 200m yuan to restore Roman flavor

[2011-05-27 13:14]

Construction has begun on a 200 million yuan ($30 million) project to restore the ancient town of Liqian from its ruins in Yongchang county, Northwest China's Gansu province, local paper the Lanzhou Morning Post reported Friday.

Beijing plans 2-year ban for car plate deserters

[2011-05-27 11:13]

The car license plate lottery system management office is working on an online survey about the expected restrictions for car plate abandoners, from May 26 to June 8, 2011.

Learning Chinese is more difficult than building airplane

[2011-05-27 10:06]

I first came to China in January of 2006. I was working in the USA for a battery company. The job posting simply said "China Opportunity".

BJ police dispel rumor of subway poisoning

[2011-05-26 17:15]

Police in Beijing have dismissed rumors of a poisoned gas attack on the subway system, urging commuters to stay calm after false reports circulated on the Internet, Beijing News reported on Thursday.

Pets stray as students graduate

[2011-05-26 13:49]

As the yearly graduation season comes around again, many college students will leave their schools and pets. Once a source of stress relief, as well as companionship or even a symbol of love, our four-legged friends face a hard time.

Mao article rumor 'unfounded': Spokesman

[2011-05-26 13:45]

Online rumors that most of the articles and poems under the name of China's late chairman Mao Zedong were written by his secretary Hu Qiaomu and other colleagues are unfounded, a spokesman said on Wednesday.

China confirms deployment of online army

[2011-05-26 10:40]

The development of China's "Online Blue Army" unit is for improving the defense capabilities of the People's Liberation Army (PLA), a Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman said on Wednesday.

Twin blasts rock govt buildings in East China

[2011-05-26 11:30]

Five people were injured in three blasts within 30 minutes in Fuzhou, East China's Jiangxi province, People's Daily reported.