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Mobile payments could replace cash, cards

[2012-06-12 21:27]

Mobile payments may replace cash and bank cards to become the mainstream method of payment by 2020, a survey suggests.

Shenzhen Customs seizes frozen goods

[2012-06-12 21:26]

Shenzhen Customs said on June 12 it caught a ship trying smuggling frozen goods into the country to avoid duties.

Rural schoolchildren get hot lunches

[2012-06-12 20:54]

Students from Pingying Primary School now get a warm lunch with meat or eggs every school day.

Charity project Power Fund gets first donation

[2012-06-12 20:54]

Charity project China Power Fund has received its first 5 million yuan ($790,000) donation from truck maker Sinotruck Group Corp Ltd.

Fujian to host top Asian Gymnastics Championships

[2012-06-12 17:29]

The 5th Asian Championships in Artistic Gymnastics will be held from Nov 7 to 15 at the sports center in Putian, a prefecture-level city in East China's Fujian province, senior officials said at a news conference in Fuzhou on Tuesday.

Shenzhen busts luxuries smuggling gang

[2012-06-11 21:02]

Shenzhen Customs said on Monday it busted a luxury goods smuggling gang in coordination with Shenzhen police and Hangzhou Customs in Zhejiang province.

Qinghai to develop circular economy

[2012-06-11 17:05]

Qinghai province should take full advantage of State policy and vigorously develop advantageous industries and a circular economy.

Chinese replica Austrian village stirs up controversy

[2012-06-08 19:44]

A Chinese copy of a scenic town in Austria has shown great potential for business opportunities despite controversy over the project's alleged plagiarism.

Center eyes on China's high-end medical treatment market

[2012-06-06 08:49]

Jia Yue Eye Surgery Center, under Singapore Medical Group Limited, opened its first flagship clinic in China last week, signifying the company's determination in exploring China's high-end eye surgery medical treatment market.

City hosts auction for luxury govt cars

[2012-06-04 17:17]

The government of Yulin city in Shaanxi province held a public auction Sunday to sell luxury cars used by city officials and state-owned enterprises' executives.

Drunk official kills man in hit-and-run

[2012-06-04 12:22]

An official in Xuchang county, Henan province, was arrested on Thursday after he killed a man in a traffic accident while under the influence of alcohol and asked his wife to pretend to be the perpetrator.

Cast adrift, 12-year-old has to find new home

[2012-06-04 08:09]

The situation of a mix-race, who has no close family members in Shanghai, complicated by fact he is not technically an orphan