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5 dead, 1 injured in S. China tunnel collapse

[2012-10-10 09:40]

Five people were killed, one was injured and one escaped in an expressway tunnel collapse early Wednesday in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Shaanxi to limit tourist numbers

[2012-10-09 20:17]

Shanxi province in Northwest China plans to control the number of tourists visiting its mountain scenic zone following disorder that ended in two tourists being stabbed during recent national holidays.

Congestion fees opposed in poll

[2012-10-09 19:00]

More than three-quarters of those who responded to an online poll oppose the Beijing's plan to charge congestion fees as a way to ease traffic.

Nanjing attack may have been hoax

[2012-10-09 15:24]

A woman who appeared to have been attacked and robbed after using an ATM in Nanjing may have invented the story and injured herself, said police.

Bicycle thief shot dead in scuffle with police

[2012-10-08 21:05]

A man accused of stealing electric bicycles in Central China's Henan province was shot dead when he assaulted police with a brick last week, the local government said on Monday.

Melting mountain ice cap is global warming

[2012-10-08 14:02]

Glaciers on snow mountains in Yunnan province are shrinking due to global warming.

8 dead in NE China road accident

[2012-09-29 19:42]

Eight people have been killed and 15 others injured, including five seriously, in a truck-coach collision that occurred in Northeast China's Liaoning province on Saturday.

Bright Dairy publishes letter of apology

[2012-09-28 20:27]

Bright Dairy & Food Co Ltd published a letter on Friday's edition of the People's Daily apologizing to consumers for a series of food safety issues.

Shanghai to audit overseas State-owned assets

[2012-09-28 19:58]

Shanghai has passed its first local auditing regulations, the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress said on Friday.

Apple ordered to pay $83,000 in copyright suit

[2012-09-28 19:52]

Apple Inc must pay 520,000 yuan ($82,509) to the Encyclopedia of China Publishing House in a copyright-infringement case, Beijing's No 2 Intermediate People's Court ruled on Thursday.

College to compensate families of slain students

[2012-09-27 21:44]

The families of three female students killed in their college building in Henan are expected to get 500,000 yuan ($79,300) in compensation each.

Wanda to open 20 plazas next year

[2012-09-27 21:42]

Dalian Wanda Group, China's largest commercial property developer, will open no fewer than 20 shopping malls and 15 hotels each year after 2014, group chairman Wang Jianlin said on Thursday.