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Lonely island's guardian for 25 years

[2011-07-31 22:39]

With no fresh water or electricity, a couple has been keeping guard on an barren island off Lianyungang, a coastal city in East China’s Jiangsu province, for 25 years, Nanjing-based Yangtse Evening Post reported on Sunday.

BRC: Banking can withstand property price down

[2011-07-29 21:01]

The banking industry will not be affected even if Chinese real estate property prices drop 50 percent lower,

Train crash explanation raises more public doubts

[2011-07-29 19:42]

An explanation by railway authorities for last Saturday's deadly high-speed train crash has raised even more public doubts about what had actually happened to the accident and to the government investigation itself.

Airport closed as rains sink runway

[2011-07-29 16:21]

An airport in Southwest China's Sichuan province has suspended its air service indefinitely after the runway was found to be sinking due to repeated torrential rain.

County officials star in film, stir controversy

[2011-07-28 14:59]

Chinese netizens have been querying the cast of a soon-to-be-shown film depicting stories of the Red Army during the Long March (1934-1936) as some of them are government officials from a local county that invested in the film.

Dodgy doctor gets 10 years for killing boy

[2011-07-28 12:13]

A man convicted of killing a mentally disabled boy by misdiagnosis was sentenced to 10 years in jail on Tuesday, the Beijing Times reported on Wednesday.

Lottery winner may have hit $80m jackpot

[2011-07-28 11:17]

China's lottery may have set a new record with a man expected to win 514 million yuan ($80 million) from two tickets bought in Zhejiang on Tuesday, beating the previous record win of 359.9 million yuan, claimed by a man in Henan in 2009.

Refitting aircraft carrier not to change naval strategy

[2011-07-27 23:44]

The Chinese Defense Ministry has made the first official confirmation of an ongoing program that China is in pursuit of an imported aircraft carrier for refitting to be used for scientific research, experiment and training.

Possible punishment for idle plate lottery winners

[2011-07-27 17:35]

As the purchase deadline for Beijing drivers who won the first round of the license plate lottery approached on July 26, it’s estimated about 1,000 winners failed to buy cars within the required half-year period, according to the Beijing Municipal Traffic Committee.

Philanthropist helps troubled ex-world champ

[2011-07-27 16:36]

Struggling former world champion gymnast Zhang Shangwu who had turned to begging to survive has been offered a job by a billionaire philanthropist.

Internet fraud rife among Chinese users

[2011-07-26 14:45]

A total of 121 million Chinese internet users have been victims of account hacking, online password theft, and online fraud as of the end of June 2011, accounting for 24.9 percent of all Internet users in China

City govt to spend big bucks on roof painting

[2011-07-26 11:32]

Official city sources have quashed a rumor that the government of Nanjing, East China's Jiangsu province, planned to paint all the roofs of houses in the city.