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The rotten truth of banking on buried savings

[2011-05-25 14:47]

A 75-year-old farmer in Northeast China buried his life savings of 10,000 yuan ($1,540) in his courtyard before he decamped to the city for work. When dug up again, they are rotted away.

Blue Mountain Coffee

[2011-05-25 13:35]

Born in England in 1944, and the author migrated to Australia with his family at the age of 13. He was an ex-printer and publisher though now retired. David went to China at the age of 60, to teach English to Chinese students at the Wenzhou Medical College.

Official cars in Guangzhou to be tracked by GPS

[2011-05-25 13:12]

About 10,000 official cars in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, will all be equipped with GPS before the end of August, to monitor whether the cars are being used for private affairs.

Dial-a-driver industry needs guidelines

[2011-05-25 10:11]

As the country introduces harsher penalties for drunk drivers, more revelers are resorting to driving services to take them home safely; however, a lack of discipline is tarnishing the booming business.

Shanghai police employ 4,000 CCTV watchers

[2011-05-24 16:43]

Shanghai municipal police department has deployed 4,000 people as a part of a new 24-hour video surveillance team in the city's latest effort to clampdown on crime.

Beijing to revamp its city planning

[2011-05-24 15:56]

Beijing plans to redo its city planning scheme in 2013, The Beijing News reported. The current scheme was set in 2005 for the 2004-2020 period.

China-Hollywood joint film project

[2011-05-24 13:27]

The first joint movie production of China and Hollywood will begin filming in October, the Qujiang Film and TV Investment Group, based in Xi'an, Shaanxi province, announced on May 19.

China's super oil rig ready to drill

[2011-05-24 11:43]

One of the world's most advanced super oil rigs will start operating in China's South Sea in August, the Beijing Daily reported today.

China to tighten restrictions on plastic bag use

[2011-05-23 16:04]

China is implementing tighter controls on plastic bag use, expanding restrictions introduced in June 1, 2008, Yangzi Evening News reported Monday.

Wash painting fetches $65.5 million in Beijing

[2011-05-23 14:11]

An artwork by Chinese master painter Qi Baishi put under the hammer in Beijing Sunday night fetched a breath-taking $65.5 million, a sign of investors' unflagging zeal for Chinese art.

Divorcees get 'buffer zone' in E China

[2011-05-23 13:20]

East China's Jiangsu province is planning to equip its marriage registration offices with "buffer zone" rooms to help divorcing couples to think calmly before making the final decision to end their marriage, according to the provincial civil affairs bureau.

4 million work in China's security services

[2011-05-23 10:33]

The number of security guards in China had hit 4.21 million as of December 2010, reported the People’s Daily Sunday, quoting a source from The Ministry of Public Security.