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Student demands disclosure of officials' pay

[2012-04-18 18:16]

A university student in Shanghai is asking for the disclosure of officials' salaries by sending letters to central government departments, Beijing News reported Wednesday.

College students offer their time for a fee

[2012-04-18 14:48]

Two first-year students at Hubei University of Education (HUE) started a business offering their time for a fee in Wuhan city, Wuhan Evening News reported on Wednesday.

Students jump out through windows of crowded bus

[2012-04-18 13:41]

The growing number of suburban students in Southwest China's Yunnan province is leading to a transportation shortage, as a severely overloaded bus was forced to let students out through the windows, local media reported.

Salt on baby's burns makes injuries critical

[2012-04-18 11:02]

A mother used table salt to sanitize wounds on her 1-year-old daughter, causing the baby to become critically ill.

More Chinese get US green card

[2012-04-16 16:09]

More than 87,000 Chinese-born people became legal permanent residents (LPR) of the United States in 2011, the second largest number among countries gaining green cards in the US.

Face recognition at high-speed railways

[2012-04-16 14:02]

The Chinese railway authority is planning to establish a face recognition system at three railway stations along the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway.

Tank rollover causes corrosive acid leak

[2012-04-16 14:01]

A tank vehicle loading 26 tons of hydrochloric acid rolled over in Nanxiong city in South China's Guangdong province on Sunday, resulting in an acid leak and pollution at nearby farmland.

Tencent news app accused of plagiarism

[2012-04-13 16:29]

China's Internet technology company NetEase Inc accused Tencent, operator of the popular instant messaging software QQ, of plagiarizing an iPhone news app.

Olympic diver not punished for second child

[2012-04-13 16:18]

Tian Liang, an Olympic gold medalist and former member of the Chinese diving team, has stepped down as deputy director of a provincial sports bureau.

Rich Chinese invest overseas for education

[2012-04-13 15:39]

About 23 percent of rich Chinese invest overseas to get their children a better education, according to a report.

Elderly bring oil field to standstill

[2012-04-12 18:31]

Oil production in Kenli county, East China's Shandong province, was reduced by 41 tons last weekend after two 78-year-old residents of an old age home cut a high voltage cable in the oil field.

Equipment shortage hinders quality education

[2012-04-12 17:14]

A majority of Chinese students in impoverished villages have little or no access to basic education in music, physical training and fine arts due to the lack of resources, Beijing News reported on Thursday.