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Large urban population to be a big problem

[2011-10-10 15:04]

"People are looking much happier and the cities are seen to have great improvement in China," University of Virginia foreign affairs professor and recent recipient of China's Friendship Award Brantly Womack said.

10% swimming pools contain excessive urea

[2011-10-09 16:50]

The urea content in nearly 10 percent of swimming pools in China exceed the safe limit, according to a recent report released by the Health Ministry.

Woman covers license plate with pad

[2011-10-08 10:34]

A woman who broke the speed limit on an expressway in Quzhou, Zhejiang province, on afternoon of Oct 5, 2011, covered her car's license plate with a pad to try and escape being punished for speeding, reported.

Professional bargainers can help consumers

[2011-09-27 14:43]

Professional bargainers emerge in Guiyang,southwest China's Guizhou province.

Mediator beaten to death on train

[2011-09-27 10:28]

A middle-aged man was beaten to death on the train when he tried to mediate a quarrel between a passenger and three train stewards, Jiangxi TV reported Tuesday.

Killer 'motivated by dream' snared after 17 years on run

[2011-09-27 09:05]

A fugitive who went on the run 17 years ago after killing someone "because of a dream" has been apprehended.

Drought-hit village asked to pay for tourist temple

[2011-09-26 16:59]

Despite thousands of people and livestock suffering from a lack of drinking water, villagers in one drought-hit region are being asked to divert funds from water resources to the construction of a temple for tourists, China National Radio reported on Monday.

Briefly Sept 26, 2011

[2011-09-26 08:53]

A total of 82 Party officials have been held for criminal responsibility for wrongdoing in the rebuilding of quake-ravaged areas in Southwest China, according to an exhibition by anti-corruption authorities in Beijing.

Student runs 30km daily to save fare

[2011-09-23 16:10]

A 19-year-old high school student in Yuzhou, Central China's Henan province, has been running 30 kilometers a day between home and school to save the 9-yuan ($1.4) fare, for two years.

Casket thief caught after 5 years

[2011-09-23 15:33]

A man who extorted 3.6 million yuan ($560,000) by stealing a rich man's casket five years ago was arrested in Xiamen, East China's Fujian province on Thursday, a local newspaper reported.

22% of middle school students try smoking

[2011-09-23 14:08]

According to a recent survey, 22.5 percent of middle school students have tried smoking, the Beijing News reported Friday.

Man who locked up 6 sex slaves arrested

[2011-09-22 21:59]

A former fire fighter who imprisoned six women as sex slaves in a self-dug cellar was arrested recently in Luoyang city, Central China's Henan province, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported Thursday.