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Natural gas shortage cuts into taxis' business

[2013-12-20 19:21]

A natural gas shortage in Changchun, capital of Northeast China's Jilin province, led to long lines at fuel stations for taxi drivers.

Smoggy Chinese cities to clear the air

[2013-12-19 22:05]

China has introduced various emergency responses and long-term measures against air pollution in the central and eastern regions.

Bone find gives cats a historic role

[2013-12-19 15:21]

Experts from China and the United States showed that the history of our feline friends in China dates back at least 5,300 years, Xi’an Evening News reported on Thursday.

Man sentenced to death for killing family

[2013-12-19 15:20]

A man was sentenced to death for killing his wife, son and daughter in Shenzhen special economic zone, Guangdong province, on Wednesday, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported.

China's luxury goods consumption cools

[2013-12-17 21:38]

The Chinese mainland's luxury goods market has slowed from seven-percent growth in 2012 to around two percent in 2013, according to the "2013 China Luxury Goods Market Study" released on Tuesday in Shanghai.

China exposes cases of official decadence

[2013-12-17 20:42]

The top disciplinary arm of the Communist Party of China (CPC) detailed ten cases on Tuesday of official decadence in the campaign against extravagance.

Women lawyers protest forced contraception

[2013-12-13 20:00]

Female lawyers across China have written to authorities to protest forced contraception measures that can cause uterine injuries.

White-collar worker harvests peacock eggs

[2013-12-13 17:46]

A white-collar worker has become a "queen of peacocks" after she left her job to return to her hometown to raise the birds.

Shandong raises higher education tuitions

[2013-12-12 20:38]

Shandong Price Bureau released a plan to raise annual tuition fees at seven universities on Thursday, with increases ranging from 600 yuan ($100) to 2,000 yuan depending on majors.

Website launched for court broadcasts

[2013-12-11 22:14]

China on Wednesday launched a website for live broadcasts of court trials to allow the public to supervise proceedings.

Grads encouraged to work in private firms

[2013-12-06 19:45]

Chinese graduates are being encouraged by the government to work for non-public companies to boost employment and promote the private economy.

China's courts put live graft info online

[2013-12-04 18:08]

More court cases, especially corruption trials, will make increased use of social media, a spokesman for the Supreme People's Court (SPC) said on Wednesday.