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Chinese game console about to hit market

[2012-04-26 20:58]

Beijing eedoo Technology Ltd, the video gaming unit of Legend Holdings Ltd, said the company's first multimedia entertainment console is set to hit the Chinese market on April 29.

Shenzhen Development Bank net profit up 43% in Q1

[2012-04-26 20:58]

Shenzhen Development Bank Co said it had 3.4 billion yuan ($539.6 million) in net profit in the first quarter of 2012, up 43 percent year-on-year.

Site work for Disneyland progressing

[2012-04-26 20:39]

Initial site work for the Disneyland development in eastern Shanghai has been completed, a year after it began.

Baidu faces $45m equity investment loss

[2012-04-26 18:51]

China's top search engine Baidu Inc suffered an equity investment loss of $45 million according to its quarterly report issued Wednesday.

Court rejects writer's copyright claim

[2012-04-26 17:30]

A writer who sued a government website for copyright infringement after they republished his article from another site has lost his case.

Prison safer, more stable despite rise in inmates

[2012-04-25 22:36]

Chinese prisons are as safe and stable as they have ever been in history, even as the number of inmates they house has increased steadily since 2005.

3.3 million new jobs created in 1st quarter

[2012-04-25 22:00]

China created more than 3.3 million new jobs in the first quarter of this year, Yin Chengji, a spokesman for the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, said on Wednesday.

Sino-Singapore publishing partnership achieved

[2012-04-25 21:56]

China and Singapore signed four publishing agreements on April 25, the first day of the China-Singapore Publishing Symposium.

Shengquan starts up ethanol production

[2012-04-25 21:27]

Shengquan Group, a Shandong-based company specializing in furan resin and polymers, will be among the first group of Chinese companies to have commercial cellulosic ethanol production in July.

Air route suspended after passengers protest

[2012-04-25 21:48]

A route of Shenzhen Airlines has been suspended after the company failed to properly address a delayed takeoff.

Beijing hospitals get extra police after stabbings

[2012-04-25 11:19]

Police will beef up security in hospitals across the capital following two knife attacks on doctors and amid rising tension from patients to medical staff.

Heavy rains cancelled flights in C, E China

[2012-04-24 20:38]

Thunderstorms pounded the central and eastern parts of China on Tuesday, flooding streets, delaying flights and disrupting traffic.