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Behind the scenes of The Secret of Tibet

[2011-08-29 15:19]

Leading actress Shen Aojun and leading actor Guo Xiaodong are pictured on location of the documentary The Secret of Tibet in Lhasa, capital of Tibet autonomous region on Aug 28, 2011.

Beijing to invest $1.25b to block sand

[2011-08-29 13:04]

Beijing municipality will spend another 8 billion yuan ($1.25 billion) in next four years on forests in Hebei province, in a bid to block sand blown by wind and protect the capital's water source, the Beijing News reported Monday.

Xigaze snapshots: Tashilhunpo Monastery

[2011-08-26 11:38]

Tashilhunpo Monastery, which means "luck and auspicious" in the Tibetan language, is located in Xigaze prefecture, covering a total area of 237,000 square meters.

Anesthetized patient left in hospital blaze

[2011-08-25 15:52]

A patient undergoing surgery died in a hospital fire after medics left the anesthetized the 49-year-old on the operating table while they fled the blaze, Xinmin Evening News reported Thursday

School strives to preserve Tibetan culture

[2011-08-25 13:37]

It is 5:30 pm, the sun is still scorching the ground in Tibet. At Minhang Boarding Middle School, Gyangze, Tibet's Xigaze prefecture, some students are playing outside after school.

Yamdrok Tso, Tibet's holy lake

[2011-08-25 13:34]

Situated 100 kilometers southwest of Lhasaat an elevation of 4,441 meters, Yamdrok Tso (YamdrokLake) is one of the three most sacred lakes in Tibet.

Juneyao airliner fails to answer SOS call

[2011-08-25 13:01]

A Juneyao flight ignored Mayday calls from a Qatar plane running out of fuel, nearly causing a plane crash at Shanghai Pudong Airport on Aug 13, the Xiaoxiang Morning Post reported.

China, US shut down porn website alliance

[2011-08-25 12:59]

The Chinese Ministry of Public Security and US police jointly shut down the world's biggest Chinese-language pornographic website alliance, the Sunshine Entertainment Alliance, China News Service reported Thursday.

Old fishing village cashes in on handicraft market

[2011-08-24 11:26]

At the conjunction of Yarlung Zangbo River and Lhasa River, 50 kilometers southwest of Lhasa, there lies Tibet's only fishing village - Junpa.

Potala Palace, 6 days before Shoten Festival

[2011-08-24 11:11]

The following photos, taken on Aug 23, 2011, show Lhasa's landmark Potala Palace, six days from the Shoten Festival - one of the most important Tibetan festivals.

Happy old resident in downtown Lhasa

[2011-08-23 10:42]

Perpa, a 68-year-old retiree, lives in a four-story compound building only 500 meters east of the well-known Jokhang Palace in Lhasa. The entrance to the compound is hidden among fancy decorated shops selling Tibetan artworks and souvenirs.

Descendants of official upset at use of his image

[2011-08-19 14:06]

The descendants of a senior official in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) are contending that the coffee chain Starbucks has abused his image and are asking the company to show more respect.