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Online trade of guns cracked down in E China

[2012-03-23 16:39]

Online sales of guns and ammunition have become a persistent problem.

Free gold for villagers

[2012-03-23 12:30]

Free gold and silver has been given to 3,000 villagers in Changjiang village in Jiangsu province, Modern Express reported on Friday.

Dialects dampened among young Chinese

[2012-03-22 21:39]

An Internet survey among more than one thousand people shows that fewer Chinese speak dialects, China Youth Daily reported Thursday.

Consumer put off by four-legged frozen chicken

[2012-03-22 15:37]

When Tian Xiaoying opened a package of frozen chicken she bought at a supermarket in Changsha, Hunan's provincial capital, on March 19, she was astonished to find that the chicken had four legs, according to Xiaoxiang Morning Post.

Woman paralyzed by pet parasites

[2012-03-22 13:12]

A woman has been left paralyzed after parasites from infected pets eroded her bones.

Premarital chastity backer seeks love on weibo

[2012-03-21 16:40]

Tu Shiyou, a 38-year-old single woman who runs Preserve Virginity, a website dedicated to promoting virginity before marriage, posted a personal ad on Sina Weibo seeking a husband.

Shanghai residents pay the most for housing

[2012-03-21 14:30]

It may take a middle-income family in Shanghai 30 years to save up for a 100-square-meter dwelling, the longest on Chinese mainland.

Abolish pelvic exams in recruitment, group says

[2012-03-20 17:03]

A public welfare organization, proposed that gynecological examinations be removed from the physical exams for civil service recruitment.

Married couple's fidelity pact judged invalid

[2012-03-20 16:49]

A couple in Rizhao, Shandong province, signed a fidelity agreement.

Capital promotes green employment

[2012-03-20 13:52]

The capital will boost employment in the renewable energy sector with policy and financial support to tackle job pressures and improve the city's environment, according to the labor authority.

Wolf killed after attacks on humans in E China

[2012-03-20 11:28]

Shandong police shot a wolf dead on Monday after seven suspected wolf attacks on people in Tengzhou in six days.

Price cap of $1 urged for college canteens

[2012-03-20 11:26]

The price of each dish at canteens on college campuses in Beijing should be no more than 6 yuan ($0.95), Legal Evening News reported Monday.