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Famous musician Gao Xiaosong could face jail

[2011-05-10 16:06]

Renowned musician Gao Xiaosong has been arrested by police on suspicion of drink driving after a four-vehicle collision on Monday night, Legal Evening News reported.

Shenzhen withdraws petition ban, apologies

[2011-05-10 14:28]

An order banning migrant workers from claiming unpaid back pay has been revoked and local government bosses have apologized for any offence caused. The new policy also threatened to bring criminal charges against those who organize collective protests or petitions.

Cellphone use much cheaper in Hong Kong

[2011-05-10 14:20]

Monthly payments from mobile phone service in Shanghai is six times higher than in Hong Kong, the Beijing News reported on Tuesday.

Belgium-China rail connection opens

[2011-05-10 13:45]

A new rail connection for cargo between Antwerp in Belgium and Southwest China’s Chongqing was presented May 9 (local time) in Antwerp.

China presses US on high-tech exports cap

[2011-05-10 03:29]

Many American firms have lost business opportunities and market share in China as a result of US government imposing control on high-tech exports to China.

China says FDI review fair, urges vis-a-vis

[2011-05-10 02:26]

China's new security review of foreign direct investment, which began in April, is "open, fair and transparent", Chen Deming, Chinese minister of commerce said on Monday.
China presses US on high-tech exports cap

Shared interests outweigh differences

[2011-05-10 00:34]

China and the United States have far more shared interests than differences, and nothing can hold back the momentum of cooperation, Vice-Premier Wang Qishan said on Monday. Full Coverage
China says FDI review fair, urges vis-a-vis
Beijing, Washington roll out priorities

China Border Wildlife Guardian Award unveiled

[2011-05-09 16:04]

The third China Border Wildlife Guardian Award was unveiled in Beijing on May 8, 2011. 25 winners have been selected from forestry security, customs, the border army and nature reserves along the border areas of China.

Tagore's 150th anniversary marked

[2011-05-09 15:59]

The Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries held a conference in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Rabindranath Tagore, the Indian literary giant and first Asian Nobel laureate, on May 7.

Speechless in China

[2011-05-09 09:26]

Coming from Italy, where the average people hate to speak other languages than Italian or their home dialect, we were very expectant, how we can manage a journey through China without speaking Chinese.

China, US to sort out differences over innovation

[2011-05-08 08:36]

Chinese and American experts exchanged views last Friday ahead of the 3rd round of the China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue (S&ED) focusing on policies and practices surrounding innovation and intellectual property (IP) rights protection.

Waterfall festival flows in Guizhou

[2011-05-06 16:58]

The Huang Guoshu Waterfall Festival will officially launch in the city of Anshun, Southwest China’s Guizhou province, starting from the end of May.