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Shanghai to further curb car plate prices

[2013-03-25 21:50]

Shanghai plans to release more measures to curb rocketing car number plate prices.

1,000 ducks found dead in river in SW China

[2013-03-25 13:35]

Up to 1,000 rotten dead ducks have been found floating in a river in Meishan city, Southwest China’s Sichuan province, China Central Television (CCTV) reported on Sunday.

Beijing buses to offer Wi-Fi

[2013-03-22 11:24]

More than 10,000 buses in Beijing will offer Wi-Fi service by the end of 2013, Beijing Morning Post reported Friday.

Lone female student leaves 29 broken hearts

[2013-03-22 11:22]

The only female student majoring in mining at a university in Wuhan has applied for a transfer, and the other 29 students in her class, all male, wrote letters asking her to stay.

Cash for trash to help poor

[2013-03-21 14:36]

Beijing has launched a "waste for donation" project to help poverty-stricken families in the city, Beijing Morning Post reported Wednesday.

Woman sues veterinarian over dog death

[2013-03-21 10:44]

A Beijing woman is suing a veterinarian clinic she says killed her pet dog.

Parts manufacturing workers end strike

[2013-03-21 10:13]

A few hundred workers at Guangdong Nanhai Honda Automobile Parts Manufacturing Co who were unsatisfied with the company's annual wage adjustment plan and went on strike on Monday night returned to work on Tuesday.

'A mixture of hesitation and regret'

[2013-03-18 23:41]

My visit to Beijing Women's Prison was not my first to a correctional facility, but it was possibly the one that left the deepest impression.

Web bosses go into politics

[2013-03-16 01:25]

A number of big names in Internet industry have made their way to China's top legislative and advisory bodies as the industry's prominence has grown.

Arson suspect must undergo mental treatment

[2013-03-14 13:41]

A woman suspected of arson was ordered to undergo medical treatment by the People's Procuratorate of Daxing District.

Court tells cheated wives to get more evidence

[2013-03-06 16:21]

Women who believe their husbands are cheating should get more evidence as most face a disadvantage in divorce cases.

Beijing female prison eradicates illiteracy

[2013-03-06 11:15]

The capital's main female prison has eradicated illiteracy among inmates within five years, Beijing News reported Wednesday.