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Bidders grab bargains at Shanghai Customs auction

[2012-07-27 20:11]

A bidder managed to buy a Mercedes Benz vehicle for 320,000 yuan ($50,164) at an auction held on July 27 by the Shanghai Customs.

Plans for bridge over historic wall spur debate

[2012-07-27 19:57]

Plans for a walking bridge over a 600-year-old relic wall in Nanjing, capital of East China's Jiangsu province, has spurred a heated debate.

Qi Gong exhibition opens at National Museum

[2012-07-27 16:26]

An exhibition featuring the works of renowned Chinese calligrapher Qi Gong opened at the National Museum of China on July 26, to mark the late artist's 100th birthday.

Murder victim's family drops lawsuit

[2012-07-26 21:52]

The family of a murder victim in Shaanxi province has withdrawn a lawsuit that sought 200,000 yuan ($31,300) from the father of the man executed for the crime, according to a local court.

Customs to test paperless declarations

[2012-07-26 21:43]

The General Administration of Customs will test a paperless reform at 12 branch offices in which enterprises apply for customs clearance electronically.

Man wanted for squirting glue in women's hair

[2012-07-26 20:11]

Chengdu police are searching for a man who has poured fast-acting glue in several women's hair and then fled.

3 men get longer sentences in TV tower fire

[2012-07-26 19:59]

Three men already serving prison terms for using inferior and combustible material to build a CCTV tower had their sentences extended after a retrial on Wednesday.

Report: College grads make 2,719 yuan a month

[2012-07-26 17:26]

A report released by Tsinghua University's China data center suggests the average monthly pay of college students who graduated in 2011 was 2,719 yuan ($426).

Rain damages Beijing's cultural heritage

[2012-07-26 17:20]

The Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage announced the results of a damage assessment conducted on Beijing cultural heritage sites after Saturday's torrential rain.

Government releases spending figures

[2012-07-26 17:12]

The Beijing municipal government spent 864 million yuan ($135.3 million) last year on cars and their maintenance, overseas trips and banquets.

Good Samaritans to get assistance

[2012-07-26 17:10]

China will take measures to assist Good Samaritans who are suffering from a shortage of housing, reported on Thursday.

Tollways made free for Spring Festival

[2012-07-26 17:10]

Several large obstacles have been cleared away to allow travelers to use tollways free of charge during important holidays and festivals, a Ministry of Transport spokesman said on Thursday morning.