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Man seeks help over stingy wife

[2011-06-28 10:51]

A 41-year-old man surnamed Chen knocked at the door of a women's organization to ask for help to deal with his wife and her penny-pinching habits, the Wuhan Evening News reported.

Guangdong plans big rewards for tipsters

[2011-06-28 10:00]

South China's Guangdong province may reward those who report corruption according to the amount of ill-gotten money involved in the case, reported.

Why Return to China

[2011-06-28 09:16]

My trips back to China for the Spring Festivals with student and teacher friends from Tianmen, Songjiang, Zhengzhou and Nanjing in 2009 and 2010, convince me that I was on the right track and, in the right environment, I can succeed.

Officials go bananas over rotting stock

[2011-06-27 15:04]

City officials have a launched a drive to boost banana sales to avoid a potential catastrophic harvest for farmers, Nanguo City News reported.

Club with conscience to aid more

[2011-06-27 11:00]

A total of 79 Peking University graduates have become billionaires in the last decade, outperforming all other universities in Chinese mainland, according to the principal Zhou Qifeng, the Beijing News reported.

80 pupils hospitalized in gas leak

[2011-06-24 19:09]

More than 80 school pupils have been admitted to hospital after inhaling poisonous gas released from a nearby chemical factory, reported today.

Worst feared for 2 men swept into drainage

[2011-06-24 16:40]

Two men were swept away by torrents on Pingguoyuan South Road, Beijing's Shijingshan district, caused by the downpour about 5:30 pm on Thursday. Chances of survival are slim.

At 38 minutes, Beijingers have longest commute

[2011-06-24 16:16]

People in Beijing spend an average of 38 minutes to go to work, the longest among 50 cities in China, said a report by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

Romantic couple stage unconventional breakup

[2011-06-24 15:50]

Xu Minyu, a college graduate in Central China's Hebei province, threw a "breakup ceremony" upon graduation to commemorate his four-year-long relationship with his girlfriend Xiao Ying.

Traffic officer jailed for drunk driving

[2011-06-23 17:48]

A traffic officer in East China's Wenzhou city has received three months in jail for drunk driving, the Xinhua news agency reported, making him the first traffic officer to receive a sentence for driving whilst drunk since new laws were passed by the National People's Congress in China.

Flight backtracks after bird strike scare

[2011-06-23 11:52]

A bird strike forced a Beijing-bound flight to return to its departure point in Wuhan on June 22, and all passengers were taken to Beijing on another plane, the Beijing Times reported.

Tribute to the ancient Chinese

[2011-06-23 09:24]

I shall always be beholden for the unforgettable lessons and guidance I learned from those very wise and honorable Chinese ancients that were there for me in my time of great need.